This LMS has now been replaced by Arotahi, this site will be used as an archive. You will still be able to login to view but not add content.

Welcome to Ao Tawhiti's LMS

  • Posted on: 4 December 2014
  • By: admin
The main menu lets you navigate to your Profile, to Learn Stuff and Add Stuff.
Learn Stuff is where the timetable is and you can select courses. You can also browse Learning Programs and Popular Goals.
Add Stuff is where you can add a Snapshot (One to One meeting), a Post (a place for you to store your work), a Goal (these are normally made in your IEP meeting) and give use Feedback on your courses.

The navigation menu has many personal menus that allow you to see you stuff on the site. It also has summaries of things like your Feedback about classes, your Snapshots, Learning Outcomes.
It also has the Logout button - make sure you log out of any public computer.

At the top of your Profile page there is some summary information. This is not viewable by other students, they can only see your picture, links, interests and mission. If you have set an NCEA Goal your profile page displays you current credit count (from Kamar). You may also get alerts and reminders on this page.

The User Menu is visible from your Profile page and from here you can edit your Picture, Mission statement Interests, and links to your stuff on the internet.
It has links that are relative to your user account, like other Posts your are tagged in, lists of your Goals and My stuff which has curriculum coverage details.