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DRAFT Timetable 2018

Code LA Levels
34MAT Level 3/4 Maths Number Skills STEH 3, 4

This course is designed to help students strengthen their basic number knowledge.

8MAC Calculus DERT 8

By this block we should be starting Differentiation.

56IST Integrated Studies 1 GEOM 6

Integrated Studies combines Business Studies, English, and Enterprise into a holistic learning pr

8LEG Common Law ALLH 8

The Courts and how they work is examined.
How does law change?

68MAO Clone of Korero Maori MART 6, 7, 8

“Ko te manu e kai ana te miro, nona te ngahere.

45CHI Advanced Mandarin Language and Culture Class MLA 4, 5

45MATB Statistics DUNW 4, 5

Learn the basics of statistics.

56SCI New Zealand's unique geology ZACW 5, 6

New Zealand has a wide range of gorgeous, unique geological surface features, such as volcanoes,

45MATA Measurement INOK 4, 5

We'll be looking at how to make various measurements and learning to use the units of measurement


We all use some sort of measurement every day in our lives whether it is time, distance, weight,

8MED NCEA Level 3 Media Studies - Term One RICP 8

We’ll make sure you have the basic skillset to talk about film analysis (touching on skills you w

7PHY Tactics for Mechanics - continued FLOM 7

This year-long course will follow an academic path to offer 19 to 22 credits at NCEA level 2, cov

34MUS CRASH COURSE: Understanding how music works MATD 3, 4

Develop a deep understanding of the nuts and bolts of music through this intense crash course!

78SCI From pretty precipitates to investigating the cosmos 1.2 MATP 7, 8

78 Science - a general, non-specialist Science course up to and including NCEA L3, University Ent

6TEC Design, Make and Innovate JARG 6

This course provides students with learning opportunities to become skilled designers and makers.

Code LA Levels

We will examine both Statistics and Probability.

34ENG Level 3/4 English Research Skills STEH 3, 4

The context for our learning will be looking at the adolescent brain, with a variety of different

57ENG Film Studies and Project Based English GEOM 5, 6, 7
8SOC Social LIfe ALLH 8

How does the sociological view see social life in a city like ours.

13CHI Beginner Mandarin Language and Culture Class MLA 1, 2, 3

8CHEM Aqueous equilibria - a chemical balancing act ZACW 8

This is a continuation from Term 1.1.

45ENGB The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas - Continued NATW 4, 5

This course is continued from term 1.1.

35SSC Conservation Action Network FIOH 3, 4, 5, 6

This workshop incorporates a FULL DAY off-site on Wednesdays and Yellow at school on Friday morni

6ENG NCEA Level 1 English - Term One RICP 6

We'll start the year by doing a close study of a few short stories, then a novel (TBA after a cla

7MAT Algebra Level 2 INOK 7

We will be continuing with Level 2 Algebra.

6EFS Green earth for OUR sustainability BREB 6

We have a number of different ‘profit-from-land” practices in New Zealand.

78OUT River crossing PETB 8

Learn safe river crossing skills.The river crossing course will develop safe river-crossing skill

45ENGA Read to write JOB 4, 5

There will be two strands to this course; reading and writing.

7ART Level Two - Art making towards a folio (1.2) HOLR 7

Term one

34SOS Geography EMMB 3, 4

Geography is a subject that helps us look at the world around us and how we effect the environmen

78TEC Advanced Design, Make and Innovate JARG 7, 8

This is a practical course for students with previous experience in design or technology.

Code LA Levels
68ICT Digital Technology DERT 6, 7, 8

This class aim's to be flexible to meet the varied needs of students.

45MAO Te Reo Maori Basics MART 1, 2, 3, 4

“Ko te manu e kai ana te miro, nona te ngahere.

78PHL Philosophy - Science: Good, Bad, Bogus BRES 7, 8


45SCIA A cell's life FLOM 4, 5

A cell is the smallest unit of life that can be classified as a living thing.

345PE Fit it SARB 3, 4, 5

Keen to hit the fitness vibe?

6HEA Clone of Food and Nutrition REBF 6

Do you like cooking and learning about nutrition?

8ENG Gothic Whispers - Continued NATW 8

Continued from term 1.1, this course kicks of a year-long exploration of the nature of gothic and

45SCIB Atmosphere and Oceans INOK 4, 5

How do the oceans interact with the atmosphere? What causes our weather?

8ART Level Three - Art making towards a folio (1.2) HOLR 8

Part One- Getting started
Term one

6MAT Level 1 Math LOUW 6



This course is part of a semester-long programme, designed to support students wanting to achieve

34MAT Number Number Number KAYH 3, 4

This course aims to strengthen students number knowledge.

78PE Leadership and Health Promotion L2 and L3 EMMB 7, 8

The level 3 students will be working initially on Health Promotion for a select Group

78IST Integrated Studies 2 GEOM 7, 8

Integrated Studies combines Business Studies, English, and Enterprise into a holistic learning pr

Code LA Levels
78SOS Social Studies: Making a Difference PETB 7, 8

Social Studies is about making a difference to the world and the people that inhabit it.

34SCI Finding solutions MATP 3, 4

"Solution" - definitions:

8HIS The History of Education.2 RICM 8

What is the purpose of education? What is important to learn?

45PHL Philosophy - a brief history BRES 4, 5

Why was Socrates sentenced to death? Can we know anything certain about the world we perceive?

45PE Developing Critical Thinking and Tactical Play in Touch EMMB 4, 5

Students will develop their skills, learn some defensive and attacking skills within the game of

67GEO 67 Geography - Affluenza REBF 6, 7

Why do we buy stuff?

7BIO Patterns in the nature of our surroundings BREB 7

The world is not just randomly populated. We know this from the things we see everyday.

34SCI I feel the Earth move MATP 3, 4

Our ever changing planet

UPTDIG UPT Digital RENM 4, 5

Web, app, and games development. Tech innovation. Digital Media/Design/Music projects.

8PHY Mechanics - continued FLOM 8

Continued from term 1: This year-long course will follow an academic path to offer 19 to 25 credi

78DAN Developing your ideas SARB 7, 8

This term will focus on choreography and how to communicate a theme or intention.

45ART Clone of Making mistakes with drawing and paint and loving it HOLR 3, 4, 5

Foundation drawing and painting (runs for term one)

45MUS NUTS AND BOLTS: Unravelling the mysteries of music MATD 4, 5

In this course we will be taking a 'hands-on' approach to learning about music, and using keyboar

6ENG Only one you... JOB 6

It is our experiences that make us who we are and therefore, as none of us have had identical exp

34ENG Research skills, reading and writing. Existing students and new ones welcome KAYH 3, 4

'Can a butterfly remember being a caterpillar?'This course aims to help you learn how to summaris

Code LA Levels
34LIT Literacee GEOM 3, 4, 5, 6

If your spelling is something like this then this may be the course for you.

8PSY Abnormal Psychology ALLH 8

At this stage of the year we will look at some abnormal conditions.

67HIS Understanding NCEA History.2 RICM 6, 7

In this unit we will develop our understanding of History through the exploration of a variety of


This is a study of number patterns and how they can be used in real life situations.

7CHEM Chemical Reactivity ZACW 7

In Term 1.2, we will focus on some important questions:

8PHL Philosophy - Ethics BRES 8


7PHO 7 Photo 1.2 ROSM 7

7 Photography

6MED NCEA Level One English/Media - Term One RICP 6

This term, we'll have an in-depth look at film techniques. Why does the camera move like that?

78HEA Clone of Kiwi Teens health REBF 7, 8

This year in 78HEA we will be covering a range of topics and learning more about the health of ot

8MAS Statistics L3 INOK 8

We will look at Time Series.

6PE Athletics Gearing up for Olympics Day.... EMMB 6

This is a purely practical assessment it runs alongside the 5 Star Award Scheme.

Code LA Levels
6MED Preparing for the 48 Hours Film Competition MART 6, 7, 8

Learn to make a movie in the form of a short film, documentary, advertisement or music video.

45ENG Read to Write JOB 4, 5

There are two strands to this course; reading and writing.

8BIO Signal received, initiating response BREB 8

To effectively launch into biology we need to better understand the natural world around us.

UPTDIG UPT Digital RENM 4, 5

Web, app, and games development. Tech innovation. Digital Media/Design/Music projects.

6MAT Level 1 Math DERT 6

We will be finishing off Number from 1.1 for the first week.


35HOS 5+ a day REBF 3, 4, 5

5+ A Day is about eating and enjoying five or more servings of fresh fruit and vegetables every


If you are are interested in performing and dancing - we need you!

7MED NCEA Level 2 Media - Term One RICP 7

This term we'll focus on film analysis - brushing up your knowledge of visual/auditory techniques

45SOC Social Voice - having your say PETB 4, 5

Social Studies is about making a difference to the world and the people that inhabit it.

6ART Level One - Term one 'Getting started' HOLR 6

(This is full year course)

6SCI Is it basic or alkaline? - continued FLOM 6

This class will prepare students for the external assessment Sci 1.5 Acids and Bases, which will

7ENG 1984 - Continued NATW 7

This course is continued from term 1.1.

8ENG The Golden Age of TV / Film Studies: Part II STEM 8

1.2 is the time to put the knowledge gained from 1.1 into practice.

45TEC ReMake Part 2 JARG 4, 5

This course builds on ReMake - and will provide opportunities for students to develop designs and


This course is designed for experienced musicians, wanting to achieve standards at levels two and