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DRAFT Timetable 2018

Code LA Levels
45ENG Comics And The Heroes Who Read Them ROBM 4, 5

In the 19th century a new medium came into existence... Comics!

78TEC Design and Innovate - Design Realisation JARG 7, 8

Individualised Designing or Manufacturing learning projects.


TRIGONOMETRY - course continued for the first three weeks of term.

34PHL Philosophy: Ethics (an introduction) BRES 3, 4

Should I keep my $20 or give it to a homeless person?

6PE Anatomy, Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology SARA 6

In this course, which will run over the entire term, you will participate in a variety of Exercis

78PHO 7/8 Photography Folio Generation ROSM 7, 8

“This course is designed to enable you to make a body of work suitable for a Photography Folio fo

7EFS Lost Futures BREB 7

There are so many industries designed around beautification and improved health.


This course is a year long practical exploration of jazz forms and improvisation.

38ENG 3.1 Extension English GEOM 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

This course is for students who want to extend their literacy and/or English skills.

34MAT Number Number Number - What is next? KAYH 3, 4

In this course we will discuss and probably assess what our areas of weakness are and focus on th

6SCI How fast? How strong? Let’s figure it out. FLOM 6

The core component of Physics: MECHANICS!

6SOC 6Social Studies PETB 6

The skills, knowledge and understanding required for the Social Studies externals will be develop

45SOC What's for Dinner (3.1)? KATA 4, 5

Have you ever wanted to impress your family and friends by cooking them a three course meal?

Code LA Levels
34TEC Motors and Machines JARG 3, 4

Learn how motors and machines work through this hands on course.

45MAT GRAPHS contd. LOUW 4, 5


45PED Large ball skills - Basketball and volleyball STEH 4, 5

We will travel to Bishopdale YMCA for a series of skill development and game sessions including B

6EFS I think the media tricks me into believing the “MAN”! BREB 6

Sometimes the government message through the media is subtle, sometimes its in your face.

6ENG Level 1 English - Visual Text Studies (continued) RICP 6

This term we'll be taking the stuff we've learned about visual analysis to closely analyse '10 Cl

78OUT Navigation, snow and assessments MATP 7

This is a whole term course.

78PSY Psychology ALLH 8

Prepare for further study in Psychology. Sensation and Perception studies how our senses work.

89ART 3.1 Visual Artists as Entrepreneurs 2017 HOLR 8

So far you have generated work, formed a community of like minded artists, had a exhibition, set

45SOC Human Rights: define, discuss and defend KATA 4, 5

Human rights continue to be threatened globally and closer to home.

34MAT Carry out a statistical investigation KAYH 3, 4

In this course you can create your own statistical investigation or you can work on a class one.

34MUS CRASH COURSE: Understanding how music works MATD 4, 5

Develop a deep understanding of the nuts and bolts of music through this intense crash course!

8MAC Calculus DERT 8

We will aim to finish Integration and have a test in the first few weeks of term.

78SOC 78 Social Studies PETB 7, 8

The skills, knowledge and understanding required for the Social Studies externals will be develop

68DRA Rebooting Major Rehearsals RHEW 6, 7, 8

“With the General on his way, hundreds of characters, dozens of stories still to restore, all I k

7CHEM Making things go BOOM - Chemical Bonding, Structure, Properties and Energy Changes FLOM 7

Continuing from Term 2.2, we will investigate the intermolecular and intramolecular forces that h

Code LA Levels
8ENG Edgar Allen Poe-ms, Short Stories, and Essential Skills ROBM 8

This term we will continue exploring the themes of gothic literature but from a particular author

6ENG 3.1 English: Film Studies GEOM 6

Film Studies is a comprehensive English course with a focus on film.

56TEC Design and Make - In The Workshop JARG 5, 6

Designing and manufacturing a product.

78PHL Philosophy - Ethics BRES 7, 8

How ought one to live their life? Who should decide?

34PED Indoor Sports STEH 3, 4

We will travel to Howzatt Indoor Sports for a variety of skill development sessions in Netball, F

6MAT Algebra level 1 DERT 6

For the whole of term 3 we will be studying towards the external algebra paper.

34ART 3/4 Art : Painting Techniques and Colour Investigation ROSM 3, 4

Painting and Colour Investigation

68CAR School Leavers workshopping applications KIRM 6, 7, 8

Are you planning on leaving school this year?

8BIO To evolve or not to evolve, that is the question. BREB 8

Rather than travel the world for 5 years getting horrendously sea sick, as Darwin did, we can lea

34ENG What is Culture? BRAF 3, 4

We will explore the idea of culture, and discuss what culture we identify with here in Aotearoa N

78MUS Advanced composition and music research MATD 7, 8

In this course you will design and carry out a research project focused on an aspect of music tha

45MAT Statistics INOK 4, 5

We will look at measures of centre (e.g. averages), measures of spread (e.g.

68DRA Major Production Rehearsals & NCEA MART 6, 7, 8

Auditions last term means learning lines and rehearsals are now on the books for Ao Tawhiti's 201

Code LA Levels
8CHEM Organic chemistry - it's alkynes of fun FLOM 8

We will focus on organic chemistry - ­no,not the study of organic foods, but the study of carbon-


During Term 3 we will be studying algebra which covers the following topics -

78ENG 3.1 78 English GEOM 7, 8

This course is mainly project based and aims to develop students into independent thinkers and le

56PHL Philosophy of Science BRES 5, 6

What is science? How does it work?

45SCI The Wondrous Wet SARA 4, 5

Earth is sometimes called the 'Blue Planet' because 71% of its surface is water.

34SCI Animals and their Environments KATA 3, 4

Come and join Matt and Kate in this block where we will describe and explain how animals are suit

45ENG Junior English - Visual Text Studies RICP 4, 5

Our focus last term was the creation of short stop motion animations based on our study of 'The G

34ENG Some weird, wacky, and wonderful news stories. BRAF 3, 4

In this course you will bring news stories you have found online, or in newspapers or magazines.

48MAO Whakarongo Ki Ōku Hoa MART 1, 2, 6

Listening To My Friends


This course is part of a semester-long programme, designed to support students wanting to achieve

7MAT Calculus INOK 7

After finishing the graphing topic we will go on to Calculus which is an important topic which lo

7ART 3.1 Level Two - Art making towards a folio HOLR 7

Pre requisite of this course is to have completed term one and two of the level two art program.

8ART 3.1 Level Three - Art making towards a folio HOLR 8

Pre requisite of this course is to have completed term one and two of the level three art program

45HEA Let's talk about Sex!! SARF 4, 5

In this course you will have a choice of different topics you want to cover within sexuality educ

Code LA Levels

During Term 3 we will be studying algebra which covers the following topics -

78PHY Waves and optics FLOM 7, 8

In this term the level 3 class will study towards the waves external exam, while the level 2 clas

68ICT Digital Technology DERT 6, 7, 8

This class aim's to be flexible to meet the varied needs of students.

78SOC Sociology ALLH 8

Prepare to study sociology further. Knowledge is connected to power and status..

7ENG Level 2 English - Visual Texts study (continued) RICP 7

Since we now know all of our film techniques by heart, we'll finally analyse 'Interstellar' as a

78SCI Physical principals, extreme organisms and ESS investigations MATP 7, 8

From rainbows to global warming, L2 students will learn about the physical processes that move en

68DAN Developing Your Ideas and Performance SARF 7, 8

This block we will be continuing dances for Level 2 Repertoire and Level 2/3 Group Dance.

78HIS Advanced Research Presentation RICM 7, 8

In this unit we will design, present and review our Historical Investigations from term 2 with a

Code LA Levels
67HIS Research Presentation RICM 6, 7

In this unit we will design, present and review our Historical Investigations from term 2 with a

45SCI The lego of the world FLOM 4, 5

These next five weeks we turn our focus to the very small scale of atoms and particles.

7BIO As I live and breathe. BREB 7

We will look at the full animal kingdom in terms of increasingly complex adaptations.

8MED Level 2/3 Media Studies - Scripting a Film RICP 7, 8

At this stage, students should have completed designs for a film they wish to create.

45ART 3.1 Foundation Printmaking HOLR 4, 5

Come and learn some ancient and totally now processes and make a series of prints using different

78LEG Law ALLH 8

Prepare to study Law. Evidence is the topic. What is Hearsay?

68MED Filming 48 Hours of Madness!!! MART 6, 7, 8

The time has arrived and we have 6 SQUADS!


In this course, students will design and carry out a range of music 'projects' of their own desig

68BUS 3.1 Business Studies GEOM 6, 7, 8

Business Studies is mainly project based and aims to develop students into independent thinkers a

8MAS Probability Distributions. INOK 8

We will continue with Probability distributions which are used in the commercial and industrial w

78PE Are you a leader? SARA 7, 8

Level 2

56SCI Hey there, hot stuff.... MATP 5, 6

What is heat, how does it move, and how can we keep it where we want it?

35DAN Showcase! SARF 3, 4, 5

Learn how to choreograph and prepare your own choreography for our dance showcase later in term 3

6ENG Prejudice and Short Stories ROBM 6

In this course we will continue to explore how and why societies oppress certain groups of people