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DRAFT Timetable 2018

Code LA Levels
6MAT Level 1 Multivariate data INOK 6

We will start off with an important statistics topic which will be built on further in level 2 an

78PE Preparing for the event SARA 7, 8

Are you up for a challenge? If so, then this is the right course for you.

78TEC Advanced Product and Furniture Design JARG 7, 8

This course is for students interested in learning about how to design and make things, and who c

5MATa 5 Matt - real world numbers MATP 5

NUMBER - with a practical/ context-based approach.


This course is designed for experienced musicians working at NCEA level music who are wanting to

8ENG 1.1 8English GEOM 8

This course is mainly project based and aims to develop students into independent thinkers and le

5MATc Essential Number Skills DUNW 5

This course is intended to provide something different.

4MATa What's your number? KAYH 4

This course will aim to get our number skills on track.

4MATb What's Your Number? DEBD 4

This course will aim to get our number skills on track.

89ART 1.1 Visual Artists as Entrepreneurs HOLR 8

We start the term by working out what you want to work on through the year.

78PHO 7/8 Photography ROSM 7, 8

You will be working towards either a level 2 two panel folio or a level 3 three panel folio of wo

5MATb Number ALIS 5

All those essential skills to be numerate -

6MED Level One Media Studies RICP 6

In Media Studies this year, we'll be looking primarily at films, and how to express ideas about s

Code LA Levels
68BUS 1.1 Business Studies and Enterprise GEOM 6, 7, 8

Business Studies is mainly project based and aims to develop students into independent thinkers a

68MAO Learn the Secret Language of Te Reo Māori MART 6, 7, 8

Kaua e mate wheke mate ururoa
Don't die like a octopus, die like a hammerhead shark

8MAS Statistics L3 Bivariate data INOK 8

To wake up the brain for the year we will study Bivariate Data.

4PE Ao Tawhiti Commonwealth Games STEH 4

We might not live on the Gold Coast, where the 2018 Commonwealth games are about to be held, but

7BIO As I live and breathe. BREB 7

We will look at the full animal kingdom in terms of the accumulation of increasingly complex adap


Do music for NCEA credits!

4SCI How do we "do" science? ZACW 4

In this unit, we will discover how we know what we know, and "how to do science".

56TEC Product and Furniture Design JARG 5, 6

Learn practical design and manufacturing skills as you develop and manufacture your own personali

7ART 1.1 level two art making towards a folio HOLR 7

Term one

5SCI The skeptics club - Without Aliens. FLOM 5

You all have been watching documentaries before, or read some interesting article on internet.

8ART 1.1 Level Three - Art making towards a folio HOLR 8

Part One- Getting started
Term one

5ENG Wreeding and Riting Skillz 5 ROBM 5

*This is a Curriculum Level 5 class requiring a fair amount of independent work.

7ENG Level Two English - Short Text Analysis RICP 7

In this course, we’ll start by analysing some short texts by Ted Chiang, Stephen King, and a few

78PSY Introducing Psychology ALLH 7, 8

In this course the major theories that make up psychology will be outlined.

5ICT Digital Technologies IANH 5

This is intended to be a whole year course where we plan, design and create Digital resources tha

Code LA Levels
6PE There is no 'I' in TEAM SARA 6

'Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships' - Michael Jordan

8MED Level Three Media - Ways of Seeing Film RICP 8

**To enrol in this course, students should have completed at least ten 'film' credits in Media St


This class is designed for students at the junior level who are serious about music, but not yet

7MAT Clone of Algebra Level 2 INOK 7

We are starting with the Algebra you will need to know for the rest of the year.

4TEC Habitat JARG 3, 4

Design and make an insect habitat.

8BIO Keep cool, don't sweat the small stuff! BREB 8

With a primary focus on the complex and advanced human body we will explore how our physiology ma

6PHL Philosophy: Death to Socrates BRES 6

Socrates is known as the founder of philosophy. So why was he put to death?

5SCI The nature of science ZACW 5

In this unit, we will discover how we know what we know, and "how to do science".

4ART Foundation painting (runs for term one) HOLR 3, 4

This is an introduction to building confidence and skill with painting.

6SCI Acids and Bases ALIS 6

This class will prepare students for the external assessment Sci 1.5 Acids and Bases, which will

6ENG Great Speeches ROBM 6

Can you recognise from which famous speech each quote is taken?

57ART 5 Art : Looking and Seeing. "I don't know much about Art but I know what I like" ROSM 5, 6, 7

This course is open to all students.

45DRA Junior Drama MART 4, 5, 6

Improvisation is a state of being and creating action without pre-planning.

5SOC Local Democracy: Have your Say KATA 5

What do you enjoy about living in Christchurch/Otautahi and your suburb?

45DRA Junior Drama MART 4, 5, 6

Improvisation is a state of being and creating action without pre-planning.

78SOC Introducing Sociology ALLH 7, 8

Sociology has important critical things to say about society. It is an important subject .

Code LA Levels
8CHEM Aqueous equilibria - a chemical balancing act ZACW 8

We will begin the year by significantly expanding upon our knowledge of chemical equilibria from

7ENG 1.1 English: Film Studies GEOM 7

Film Studies is a comprehensive English course with a focus on film.

5HOS What is in my food? SARA 5

This course is an introduction to skills that we will use throughout the year.

45MAO Te Reo Ngawari - Basic Secret Language MART 1, 2, 3, 4

“Ko te manu e kai ana te miro, nona te ngahere.

6EFS Green earth for OUR sustainability BREB 6

This is an Education for Sustainability class which will explore values of a geographic area and

7PHY Tactics for Mechanics FLOM 7

This year-long course will follow an academic path to offer 19 to 22 credits at NCEA level 2, cov

5PE AO Tennis Open STEH 5

Hot on the heals of the Aussie Open, lets have our own Tennis Open.

6GEO Becoming a Geographer KATA 6

This course covers the fundamental skills required to be a geographer!

5PHL Philosophy - Skepticism and Knowledge BRES 4, 5

If you participated and loved 34PHL you will find this course suitable, and it is also suitable f

48DAN Dance Challenge SARM 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Love performing, dancing and being on stage?

8ENG Poetry and Place ROBM 8

International and Kiwi poets will be the literary focus for this course.

68ICT Digital Technology DERT 6, 7, 8

This class covers level 1,2 and 3 NCEA in digital technology.

4ENG Roll up! Roll up! The Greatest Showman's in town! DEBD 4

‘No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.’

78LEG Law :starting out ALLH 7, 8

Law give you awareness of your rights and responsibilities.

Code LA Levels
7MED Is it time for a School Mag? MART 6, 7, 8

This class focusses on developing journalism skills by looking at factual writing in interesting

8PHY No panics, it's Mechanics! FLOM 8

This year-long course will follow an academic path to offer 19 to 22 credits at NCEA level 3, cov

8HIS Independent History Portfolio RICM 8



Do music for NCEA credits!

6ART 1.1 Level One - Term one 'Getting started' HOLR 6

(This is full year course)

6DAN Production of Beauty at Dance Unlimited SARM 7, 8

Come and join the "Dance Unlimited" crew with anything goes* choreography and p

6ENG Level One English - Written Text Analysis RICP 6

After starting off by analysing some interesting short stories and poetry, we’ll choose a novel a

7MAT Sequences and Series DERT 7

This course is the Level 2 Internals course - we will be focusing on internal Achievement Standar

6MAT NCEA 1 Number ALIS 6

We will spend this block racing through the math skills you need just to get by in the world.

Code LA Levels
4MUS Developing Your Inner Ear MATD 3, 4, 5

This class is designed for anyone with an interest in music – you don’t need to have a lot of mus

6ENG 1.1 Extension English GEOM 6

This course is for students who want to extend their literacy and/or English skills.

7CHEM Drop the base: quantitative titrations ZACW 7

We will begin the year by learning how to perform titrations, an important technique to quantify


No man is an island, but an island is.

67SCI Cool Chemistry FLOM 6, 7

This year will take us on a long journey of science exploration, covering varied content like ast

67HIS Comparative History: Aotearoa and Hawaii RICM 6, 7

In this course, we will investigate the historical similarities and differences between the colon

5ART Foundation learn to draw and more (Term one) HOLR 4, 5

Foundation drawing (runs through all of term one)

5PE Let's get physical SARM 5

Do you like boxing, weight training, keeping or getting fit?

45MUS SONGS OF FREEDOM: History Through Art and Music MATD 4, 5

In this course we will using famous works of music and art to learn about important events in wor

78PHL Philosophy of Religion and Uni philosophy BRES 7, 8

Class sessions are split between NCEA Level 3 and University course Phil110.

8MAC Calculus DERT 8

This is normally a FULL YEAR course for students who have completed level two mathematics.

4HOS An introduction to hospitality KAYH 4

This course is aimed at level 4 students and Sarah Arts has a course in green aimed at level 5 st

4ENG Wreeding and Riting Skillz 4 ROBM 4

*This is a Curriculum Level 4 class covering similar topics to its Level 5 counterpart.

5ENG 5ENG - Extension English RICP 5

This course is designed for those students already operating at or above the 'typical' Y10 studen

68CAR Finding Me KIRM 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Could life be better? Would you like to get on track, gain confidence, and direction?

Code LA Levels
68DRA Directing Shakespeare MART 6, 7, 8

Shall I compare you to a summer's day..?