NCEA Level 3 History for UE

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Level 3 study of History at Ao Tawhiti is focused on providing students with the ability to gain Level 3 qualifications and UE with History. Students studying History for the year have the opportunity to sit 3 standards internally for a total of 15 credits plus one external exam for an additional 4 credits. At this level value is placed on students' ability to to design their own project of historical inquiry, critically analyse resources and effectively communicate their understanding of historical significance. It is important to view History as a year long program.

Term 1 is important for understanding expectations around assessment for the year. This course is class-based and will be on a shared topic. Identification of historic context and communication of differing perspectives are assessment outcomes of this term. Critical analysis of historical resources to explain differences of perspectives on events, people or place of significance to us as NZers is the learning focus. Key skills in historical understanding, appropriate research and critical analysis will be developed.

Term 2 builds on the learning from term 1 and is devoted to assessment of an independent historic inquiry. This inquiry focuses on successful historical research, self-management, and reflection on learning. Students are free to choose any topic through negotiation with Richard but must be able to communicate the significance of their topic for NZ. This term is a prerequisite for students wishing to study History for assessment in term 3.

Term 3 offers the opportunity to develop effective communication of key ideas identified in term 2 and will involve creating a Teaching and Learning Resource.

Students are supported towards one additional NCEA assessment through external exam preparation in term 4.

Term 1: 91437 (5 credits plus UE Literacy in Writing)
Term 2: 91434 (5 credits plus UE Literacy in Writing)
Term 3: 91435 (5 credits plus UE Literacy in Writing)
Term 4: Preparation for External Exam 91436 (4 credits plus UE Literacy in Reading and Writing)
Total credits at NCEA 3: 15 Internal + 4 External = 16

Courses offered per block.

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