English 4 Viewing Our World

Course Overview

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English 4 Viewing Our World

English 4 invites learners to participate and enjoy the many aspects of this wonderful subject. The four stands for curriculum level four, and this indicates that the course is designed for learners who are reading, say at a level of Harry Potter books, or say your local newspaper. Level four writers know what a paragraph is and can develop ideas when writing.

Having said that, if you want to learn more English and don’t yet have those skills then it is an opportunity to come along and learn, whatever level you are.

It may be you decide to cover the main components of English across the year.

These are: Listening, speaking, viewing, presenting, reading and writing.

However you don’t have to do this, being able to select a course that is suitable for your learning needs.

Here are the courses:

1.1 Sci-fi writing Writing
1.2 Lyrics and poetry Reading
2.1 Film Study Viewing
2.2 Presenting my Chosen Theme Presenting / listening
3.1 Detective Stories Writing
3.2 Debating Speaking and listening
4.1 Comics Reading / viewing
4.2 Studio Ghibli Studio Study Viewing

Courses offered per block.

TitleLA CodeBlockYear
The Write Thing Part IIIROBM3.12019
War poetryBRAF3.12019
Science FictionBRAF3.12019
Keep Doing The Write ThingROBM2.22019
Presenting my hero of learningBRAF2.22019
Campaign for a CauseBRAF2.22019
NZ Short FilmsBRAF2.12019
Wolf Children - Film StudyBRAF2.12019
Do The Write ThingROBM2.12019
Poems about CultureBRAF1.22019