Course Overview

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This course aims to be flexible to meet the varied needs of students. You can work at NCEA Level 1, 2 or 3 but you will need either design or coding experience to attempt anything more than Level 1.

I am keen to offer small workshops on certain things based on student interest.

Options for workshops could be around:

  • Web Design HTML5 CSS3
  • Programming in various languages - Python, Javascript, C, C++, C sharp, Java, PHP and more
  • CMS systems - Drupal, Wordpress etc
  • more options on request

I would suggest focusing on web design using HTML5 and CSS3 to start with.

Useful Resources

Projects and assessments can be on set tasks or negotiated with me.

Link to assessments Document

Courses offered per block.

TitleLA CodeBlockYear
Digital TechnologyDERT4.12020
Digital TechnologyDERT3.12020
Digital TechnologyDERT3.22020
Digital TechnologyDERT2.22020
Digital TechnologyDERT2.12020
Digital TechnologyDERT1.22020
Digital TechnologyDERT1.12020