Artists as Entrepreneurs

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This is not an NCEA course, it is an alternate pathway for senior students who are motivated and want to become practicing artists. Your outcomes from this course will support you to align with your own personal ideas and process for making art. The Artists as Entrepreneurs course does not exclude you from doing an NCEA art course offered in another timetabled colour block.

It is recommended that you have completed a visual arts folio of work or can show that you can produce a body of art work showing your artistic aptitude. Discuss with the LA responsible for this course if you are unsure of the entry level required.

During this year there will have art practitioners visiting to discuss and share ideas about; how they established their practice, how to market yourself as an artist, costing/pricing work, and other things relating to managing a small business for a creative.
NB: This course can link to GATEWAY opportunities and art made during the year can go towards a
submission for an entry into a tertiary art program.

Throughout the year you will be expected to;
+ Attend weekly critiques - discuss progress - set goals - plan - manage resources
+ Create a website and internet identity that may or may not be published on the web (depending on
your goals)
+ Display you work within the school community 4 times
+ Exhibit your work in a public setting (this may be a public space, a dealer gallery, a group show, a
personal exhibition of your work, some other way of showing your work outside of the school setting)
+ Conclude the course with a 10 minute presentation of your years study and project
+ Be available to lead and mentor other learning within the visual arts

This course is also open to parents who are able to commit to at least one session a week and who meet the course pre requisites.

You are expected to provide your own materials. Costs may apply depending on your choice of medium.

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