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The courses are organised by curriculum level, these roughly relate to these year levels:

  • Level 4: years 7-8
  • Level 5: years 8-10
  • Level 6: year 11
  • Level 7: years 12
  • Level 8: years 13

For level 7 and 8 courses that run in yellow - some of these will run through red and run on two/three days. Read the descriptor for details.
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Room Layout

LA Levels Code
Essential Number Skills DUNW 5

This course is intended to provide something different.

Introduction to Algebra DUNW 5

In this course you will be introduced to a number of essential algebraic concepts.

Measurement DUNW 5, 6

Measurement is perhaps one of the most fundamental concepts.

Algebra - deuxième épisode DUNW 5

Algebra is awesome!

Analyse that! DUNW 6

Statistical analysis is an amazing tool for unpacking and understanding the world around us.

Triangulate that! DUNW 4, 5

The study of Pythagoras theorem and trigonometry has many applications and is steeped in soome fa

Pictures with Geometry GREO 5, 6

Students will use Coordinate Geometry, functions including: circles, elipses, parabola, lines, sq

Chances are... DUNW 5

In this course we will study the science of chance: Probability!