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The courses are organised by curriculum level, these roughly relate to these year levels:

  • Level 4: years 7-8
  • Level 5: years 8-10
  • Level 6: year 11
  • Level 7: years 12
  • Level 8: years 13

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Timetable 2022

Room Layout

LA Levels Code
An introduction to hospitality KAYH 4

This course is aimed at level 4 students and Sarah Arts has a course in green aimed at level 5 st

Ao Tawhiti Food Truck Style Lunch KAYH 4

We are going to redesign some of our favourite food.

Can fast foods be healthy? KAYH 4

This course is aimed at Year 7+8 and the 5HOS is designed for Years 9-10.

International Cuisine. KAYH 4

Let's go on a journey around the world. Exploring food from other countries and cultures.

The Great Ao Tawhiti Bake Off KAYH 4

Who will be Ao Tawhiti's best baker?

The Great Ao Tawhiti Bake Off - cont'd KAYH 4

We have had so much fun we will continue on with a baking focus and see where it takes us.

Food budgeting KAYH 4

This course will combine Financial Literacy and food.