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The courses are organised by curriculum level, these roughly relate to these year levels:

  • Level 4: years 7-8
  • Level 5: years 8-10
  • Level 6: year 11
  • Level 7: years 12
  • Level 8: years 13

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Timetable 2021

In 2021 courses will run for a term long.

Room Layout

All 4.2 courses are draft

LA Levels Code
Philosophy: Death to Socrates BRES 6

Socrates is known as the founder of philosophy. So why was he put to death?

Philosophy and Democracy BRES 6

The first week will be dedicated to completing essays about Socrates which we started at the end

Philosophy and Ethics BRES 5, 6

In this course we will apply ethical reasoning to the question: is the death penalty a just punis

Philosophy of Cyborgs BRES 5, 6

NO NEW ENROLMENTS: The course continues from 2.1.

Philosophy of Science BRES 5, 6

What is science? How does it work?

Philosophy of Space/Time BRES 5, 6

NO NEW ENROLMENTS...This continues from block 3.1.

Philosophy: Various Topics BRES 5, 6

For the three weeks prior to exams, this course will be student driven.