1.1 Visual Artists as Entrepreneurs 2017

Course Overview

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This is not an NCEA course of study. This course is for those wanting to become serious art makers and work in a community of like minded people. It is project based and is open to year 13, 14 and parents who have students enrolled at Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery School.

This course is designed for those wanting to produce a body of work for display and exhibition while building mastery in the medium of their choice.

You will be given two opportunities through out the year to exhibit in a public space and will be encouraged to find other ways of having your work available to be seen publically and to sell.

We will work term by term to a plan you have developed and shared towards your own goals.
Your work and project development will be shared regularly within this group in the form of presentations and critiques.

You will work in mediums of your choice in a supportive environment where positive relationships within the group and also in the wider community are encouraged. This will strengthen your practice.

We will look at how to get your art into the market place. You will be shown ways to get your art on line, how to price your art and how to show your art in a market place that best suits you. There will be opportunities to invite established practitioners into discuss what they do. The group needs and interests will drive this.

This course is suited to those who can self manage, are resourceful, be part of a group who want to exhibit and see themselves as future art practitioners. Become part of Ao Tawhitis growing community of artists

There is a fee of $50.00 a term and there maybe some additional material costs depending on your project.

Courses offered per block.

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