Education for Sustainability Level 2

Course Overview

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Education for Sustainability has been growing within our school, and building momentum in New Zealand. It is offered at University and CPIT as a complete subject and now has University Entrance endorsement (Level 3). It is taught at Level 2 in Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery over the full year, during which you will be engaged with many facets of sustainability as it applies to most activities on the planet.

There is a very wise saying “we only have one planet”. As such it is imperative that we meet the principles of true sustainability. This requires us to develop ways of thinking and acting that satisfies the needs of our current generation while not compromising the needs of future generations. This year we look at three large bodies of work. Lost Civilizations, Lost Wildlife Wars and Lost Future. It all seems very bleak but we are arming ourselves with knowledge in the hope that we can meet our own sustainability goals. You will be researching, presenting, analyzing and charting personal change in this course. This is one of the only full year classes on offer in New Zealand on the Education for Sustainability at Level 1.

This year we will explore all of the exciting elements that make up the big picture of sustainability:
• Environmental restoration of delicate ecosystems - our dependency on it and how it shapes our economy and identity as a nation.
• Economic models that depend on long-term sustainable practices to look after the environment and the people in it.
• Ethical actions of society and government and what we can do ourselves to make a change in the wider community or even at the national level.

This course has the potential for creating real change within ourselves, our whānau, the school and wider community. The project work will be conducted inside and outside of school.

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