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Welcome to Philosophy, the "love of wisdom" - Curriculum level 5 and 6 (NCEA Level 1)

Philosophy is the subject that specializes in exploring fundamental questions about the world and our place in it. For example: What is reality? What does it mean for me to ‘know’ something? What is reasoning? What is a Mind? Does God exist? How should I live, and who should decide?

Philosophical discussion draws on imaginative speculation, scientific evidence, sustained reflection on lived experience, and the different histories, cultural perspectives and texts that shape current thought.

Philosophy at Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery is highly discussion based and aims to develop students’ critical thinking skills. Through a range of applied Philosophical topics, students will learn how to assess arguments for validity and soundness. They will also learn how to refute arguments logically and construct their own rationally convincing arguments.

Philosophy is a demanding subject and requires a high level of commitment. While there are no pre-requisites, we recommend that students have a high level of maturity and a developed world-view. The most essential attribute students need to succeed in Philosophy is a sense of wonder.

Course Structure....
We meet for three hours per week in discussion based classes. During class, we work through and discuss a powerpoint.

Term 1.1
Death to Socrates
We discuss the events leading up to Socrates prison trial and analyze his argument for accepting the death penalty

Term 1.2
We compare the democracy of ancient Athens to our NZ democracy. During these sessions we analyze Plato's reasons for preferring rulership of a Philosopher King to democracy.

Term 2.1
We analyze key ethical theories

Term 2.2
What is knowledge? We analyze theories of knowledge from key thinkers through history.

Term 3.1
Science / Religion / Skepticism
We explore the different approaches in answering questions about the nature of the world.

Term 3.2
Space / Time
An introduction to the Philosophy of Space and Time

Term 4.1
Philosophy of Mind
What is a mind? Can we build a mind? Are all minds conscious?

Assessment Information....
90053, Produce Formal Writing, 3 credits, Level 1, lit, internal
91025, Understanding links between the classical and modern world, 6 credits, Level 1, internal
90818, Ethical issue, 6 credits, Level 1, internal
90853, Literacy skills to form conclusions, 4 credits, Level 1, internal

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