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The level 6 History program at Ao Tawhiti for 2022 is designed to introduce students to the study of History and Art History for NCEA assessment. Students who are working at NZ Curriculum Level 6 can work towards NCEA Level 1 achievement standards in each term over the year. Exploration of historical ideas, examination of the values and principles underpinning these ideas and engaging in classroom discussion around these ideas is our primary focus.

Term 1 is a good time to experiment with History and the chance to join a class-based topic. Exploration of historic significance, identification of differing perspectives, and analysis of historical resources within a specific context are outcomes of this course. Understanding key values and principles underpinning political ideologies is a key focus for this term.

In term 1 2022 we will be investigating the values and principles underpinning both sides in the Spanish Civil War. We will explore the political concepts of Fascism, Democracy, Socialism, Communism and Anarchy as well as the artistic symbolism used to represent these ideas in this specific context. Assessment opportunities exist for Level 1 History 91004 and Art History 91006.

Term 2 builds on the learning from term 1 and is devoted to supporting students towards assessment of an historic inquiry. This inquiry focuses on successful historical research, students’ goal setting, self-management and reflection on learning. Understanding the use of historical resources to identify significance as well as to explain differences of opinion, experiences and actions are part of the learning focus for this term. Understanding key historical ideas, appropriate research methods, plus effective organisation and communication skills will all be established.

In term 2 2022 we will be exploring the significance of the Canterbury Earthquake sequence of 2010-11. Particular focus will be on understanding the social impact of this event with particular focus on the role of architecture in society. Assessment opportunities will be available for Level 1 History 91002 and Art History 91017.

Term 3 offers the opportunity to develop effective communication of key ideas from an independent research project and will involve creating a Teaching and Learning Resource based on a topic of their choosing.
Students are supported towards one additional NCEA assessment through external exam preparation in term 4.

It is important to view History as a yearlong program. Term 1 is essential for students' understanding of the expectations around assessments for the rest of the year. While term 3 is an opportunity for independent research, term 2 will help to establish the expectations needed for assessment in term 3.


Term 1: AS91004 (4 credits plus Level 1 Literacy in Writing) + AS91016 (Art History)
Term 2: AS91001 (4 credits plus Level 1 Literacy in Writing) + AS91017 (Art History)
Term 3: AS91002 (4 credits plus Level 1 Literacy in Writing)
Term 4: Preparation for External Exam AS91003 (4 credits plus Level 1 Literacy in Reading and Writing)
Total credits at NCEA 1: 12 Internal + 4 External = 16 + (8 Art History) = 24

Courses offered per block.

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