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Integrated Studies combines Business Studies, English, and Enterprise into a holistic learning programme.

Integrated Studies at Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery is mainly project based and aims to develop students into independent thinkers and learners who are able to drive their own learning experiences.

Students can plan their own courses but a broad outline that helps to direct learning is available and this pathway will guide students through NCEA.

This is an outline of NCEA Level 1 at Ao Tawhiti along with details of assessment opportunities and attendance requirements.

NCEA Standards are offered in Business Studies and English. The focus is usually on business and enterprise and this is reflected in the assessment focus of the English assessments. The English aspect of this course gives students an alternative pathway whereby they can achieve English credits within the context of a business study.

NCEA assessments are not compulsory, and while we indicate assessments as being connected to particular courses, these are flexible. In other words, you can negotiate assessment opportunities with your Learning Advisor. More information on this will be provided in class. See below for a list of standards available during the year in Integrated Studies.

Business Studies 1 Programme Outline

Marketing (Term 1) – 56IST
A study of the 4 Ps of marketing a product or service.
Human Resources (Term 2) – 56IST
Students will conduct research into the employment process.
Business Activity (Term 3) – 56IST
Students will carry out, review and refine a business activity within a community context. Students will be supported by the LA and mentors.

Student Choice (Term 4.1) – 56IST
An opportunity for students to focus on external credits for NCEA or to attempt, or complete, previous units.

Assessment opportunities
The following NCEA Standards are available through Integrated Studies 1:
Business Studies
AS90840 Marketing Mix (3 credits)
AS90841 Human Resource Processes (3 credits)
AS90842 Business Activity (6 credits)
An opportunity to do externals can be negotiated with the LA.
AS90053 Produce formal writing (3 credits)
AS90857 Construct and deliver an oral text (3 credits)
AS90853 Use information literacy skills to form conclusion(s) (4 credits)

Assessment Dates
Students are expected to plan their own assessment programme.

Further Assessment Opportunities
Ao Tawhiti School policy, following national guidelines, is to allow one reassessment opportunity for internally assessed standards where feasible for students who failed to gain credit or higher at the first attempt. Students will also need to demonstrate that they have made progress in their learning since the first assessment to make the second opportunity worthwhile.

Assessment work completed must be your own work. For each assessment submitted, you will be asked to sign a statutory declaration confirming that the work is your own. Students are also expected to explain their goals and ideas before beginning the assessment as well as providing three drafts for discussion prior to submitting the final assessment. Where evidence indicates work presented is not your own, the school policy on “Breaches of the Rules” will be followed.

Retention of Student Work
Student internal assessment material will be retained by the department until it is no longer required for moderation purposes.

Appeals of grades awarded are to be made within two weeks of the return of the assessed work. Where a grade is appealed, school policy will be followed.

Late work (should it apply)
Student work is due on the date set at the time of the assessment activity. Late work will not be accepted unless an extension has been arranged with the LA before the due date.

Non submission of work / No assessment taken place
No grade will be awarded when no assessment has taken place for whatever reason.

Verification of Grades
Students will be required to verify grades awarded by signing the results slip attached to each piece of internally assessed work.

Questions, concerns, other matters
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