Senior Outdoor Pursuits

Course Overview

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Whether you are an aspiring first-timer with little or no experience, or a hardened veteran of the outdoors, this course will aim to challenge and inspire you to push your limits and gain new experiences and knowledge in the outdoors. Whether you want to give a new activity a try, get the knowledge and experience to work towards becoming an instructor or just want to get some NCEA credits for going for a walk, this could be the course for you.

Historically this course has been run by Pete, but in 2017 things are going to be switched up a little as Matty P will be running things. Matt is (in case you hadn't noticed) not Pete, and so things are likely to be a bit different this year. As well as working for the YMCA as an Outdoor Pursuits instructor (which is what brought Matt to Chch) he previously worked as a diving instructor, used to be the Outdoor First Aid instructor/ coordinator for Canterbury Mountain Safety, rather enjoys whitewater kayaking and is part of the Canterbury Coastguard emergency response crew - all of which makes a more water-based course distinctly possible this year. Matt's also a mad keen skier and is quite keen to explore the new CAP downhill mountain bike course too...

Course Structure.... This is the usual structure (as run by Pete). Definitely possible, but not necessarily how things will run this year. If there's something you want to try, speak to Matty P and we'll see if we can make it happen! (SCUBA diving, mountain biking, sailing, kayaking, ???)

1.1 Expedition - a combine trip with Oxford Area School tramping and Sea kayaking
1.2 River Crossing
2.1 Survival
2.2 Climbing
3.1 Snow Skills
3.2 Navigation
4.1 Multi-day Tramping
4.2 Junior ODP - the weather's improving, the big kids are gone = junior time?!?

Assessment Information.... at least 14 credits (all internal) will be available at L2 and at L3 including but limited to the following:

US425 Day tramp, L2 3 credits
US426 Camp, L2 3 credits
US427 Cross rivers, L3 2 credits
US428 Multi-day tramping, L3 15 credits
US430 Survive, L3 3 credits
US431 Navigate L2 3 credits
US438 Snow shelter, L2 2 credits
US18132 Ice axe + crampon, L2 3 credits
US20159 Weather, L2 1 credit

Courses offered per block.

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