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If you think you are above the animal kingdom and outside the laws of nature I dare you to take level 2 Biology, because you’re in for a nasty shock. At this level, biology is about taking the world apart piece by piece. When we put it back together, following a year of scrutiny, we are going to find that the bits that make us, also make lions, slugs and kittens. We will discover that what keeps us ticking works just as well for an Arctic Polar bear and that how we interact with each other and the animals around us is governed by the same laws of the jungle that help baboons survive in the wilds of Africa.

We are going to seek answers to questions we never thought we would ask. Biology is the study of life in every single form imaginable and there isn't a fraction of the earth’s surface without it. Regardless of your future dreams, Biology will aid you to reach them. What is music without hearing? What is a virus without a host? Is there such a thing as surviving without eating anything derived from a plant?

The most important skills for becoming a great biologist is an appetite for knowledge, a desire to know how everything fits, an ability to see patterns in all living things and a certainty that all things have a purpose and are inter-related. Biology is a living breathing science, not a spectators sport, and if you commit to this course you will be signaling your desire to understand beyond the "known and proven" and enter the realm of "observation and theory". The tools you acquire throughout this course will remain useful through almost any future endeavors.

Biology at Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery is driven by your desire to investigate, enquire and seek to understand. It is a branch of science that is open to lots of discussion and involves a large amount of terminology, it is reliant on expression of scientific ideas in numerical and literary form. As such a good understanding of mathematics is desired and general essay writing skills preferred but not essential.

This booklet contains an outline of the NCEA Level 2 Biology classes on offer at Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery along with details of assessment opportunities and attendance requirements.

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