Level 7 & 8 Education for Sustainability Course Overview

Course Overview

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Here is a link to the course overview BUT it's flexible and can be adapted to your needs and interests: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BkVsPffnesrZfvlIPcNVjUAlAADnaCjh9KF_...

Sustainability is very much about what we’re doing now as well as what we need to provide for future generations. It’s about all people, all species and caring for the world we live in. In Education for Sustainability (EfS) we learn the skills to think and to take action in ways that safeguard the well-being of all people and the planet.

Is EfS for you?
-Do you want to understand how humans can live more sustainably on the planet and take action while earning NCEA credits (if this is a goal for you)?
-Are you willing to think outside the box, listen to other points of view and challenge your own views and behaviours?
-If you studied social sciences and/or sciences at level one NCEA this will help but, more importantly, are you passionate about sustainability?
-Are you up for:
-analysing other people’s sustainability efforts, and
-taking action yourself.

Find out more by contacting kate.armour@aotawhiti.school.nz

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