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Course Overview

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Welcome to curriculum 5+ maths! This is a brand new course that is being trialed for the first time in 2018.

Over the years We've seen a number of year 10 students accelerate themselves into a full time NCEA program. Often because they were in need of a new challenge and didn't want to repeat a level 5 program.

The reality for a lot of these students is that while they certainly need a new challenge a full time NCEA program was taking it too far. They just were not quite ready for the demands it presented. As a result, getting an "Achieved" grade became the goal, at the expense of deepening their mathematical understanding.

As the maths curriculum extends into the senior years having a strong set of foundation skills is essential. Those students who may have extended their level too soon often find the gaps that result make it challenging to succeed at NCEA level 2 and Beyond.

This course is intended to provide something different. It is targeted at those (most likely in year 10) who are ready for some NCEA in their program but not a full NCEA course. In this course we will focus on completing 3 Internally assessed NCEA standards across the year. These standards will be more straight forward drawing on good sense of number skills. The remainder of the program will focus on strengthening algebraic and graphing skills. Both of which are critical to deep mathematical understanding.

It is the intention that students who complete this course will:
1. Complete the NCEA Numeracy Qualification (10 credits at level 1)
2. Develop a deep understanding of the foundation skills required to succeed in the senior maths
3. Be in a strong position to take a full level NCEA program in 2019 with a base of knowledge that
supports high NCEA achievement. This providing a solid foundation for the more challenging
work at Level 2 and beyond.

The table Below provides a summary of the program across the year.

Term/Block Focus Assessment
1.1 Number Level 1 NCEA: AS 91026 4 Credits
1.2 Algebra 1 Class Test
2.1 Measurement Level 1 NCEA: AS 91030 3 Credits
2.2 Algebra 2 Class Test
3.1 Statistics Level 1 NCEA: 91036 Internal 3 Credits
3.2 Trigonometry Class Test
4.1 Algebra 3 Class Test

Courses offered per block.

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