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COURSE A (externals)

What is this course about?
This course provides the basics for anyone wishing to do calculus at level 3 and will also prepare you for Statistics and Probability at level 3. Anyone who is thinking of doing any kind of University engineering degree, avionics, or any Science degree should do this course. You MUST have done level 1Algebra and Graphs to be able to do this. This course is a big step up from Level 1 and we also recommend you buy some form of Homework revision book. We will recommend these at the beginning of the year.
A graphics calculator is recommended by NZQA but a scientific one will suffice.
What will I learn?
You will improve your algebra and learn some maths techniques you may have never heard of before such as logarithms, differentiation and integration.

This course will be predominantly assessed by external Achievement Standards. The prerequisite for this course is at least Achieved in Level 1 AS 91027 (Algebra) and AS 91028 (Tables and graphs).
This course is a prerequisite for Calculus Level 3.

AS 91258 Sequences 2 credits
AS 91261 Algebra 4 credits
AS 91257 Graphs (internal) 4 credits
AS 91259 Trigonometry 3 credits
AS 91262 Calculus 5 credits

TOTAL: 18 credits

COURSE B (internal)

This course will be assessed by internal achievement standards. Having done some Algebra is useful.

What is this course about?
This is a course for students who would like to obtain some credits at Level 2 but not necessarily progress any further in this subject or for those who may wish to study Statistics at Level 3. 
The assessments in this course are all internal Achievement Standards.
What will I learn?
The emphasis in this course is on Statistics but other topics covered are Networks, Sequences and Series and Coordinate Geometry

AS 91258 Sequences 2 credits
AS 91260 Networks 2 credits
AS 91259 Trigonometry 3 credits
AS 91264 Statistical inference 4 credits
AS 91256 Coordinate geometry 2 credits (if time)
AS 91268 Simulations 2 credits

Courses offered per block.

TitleLA CodeBlockYear
Apply trigonometric relationships in solving problems JOHS12021
Apply probability methods in solving problems / AlgebraJOHS22021