NCEA Level 3 History for UE

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The NCEA Level 3 course of History at Ao Tawhiti is designed as an independent portfolio. Students will carry out an independent historical research project that will be assessed towards all three internal achievement standards. The course is available to all students who have completed Level 2 history assessments and provides students with the ability to gain 15 credits at Level 3 and UE with History. Students studying history for the year also have the opportunity to sit one external exam for an additional 4 credits. At this level, value is placed on students' ability to design their own project of historical inquiry, explore key ideas in history, critically analyse resources and effectively communicate their understanding of historical perspectives and significance.

Term 1 is devoted to the immersion phase of research with resource identification and wide reading as key tasks. Students will decide on their topic of investigation, identify differing perspectives involved, establish a resource list, devise a research thesis, and create focusing questions to drive their research. Exploration of key resources and formation of research intent are expected outcomes of this term.

Term 2 is devoted to carrying out the research project. Establishing deadlines and meeting criteria for assessment of research are expected outcomes. Students will gather, analyze and organize their research as it relates to the thesis and focusing questions identified in term 1.

Term 3 offers the opportunity to develop effective communication of key ideas identified in term 2 and will involve creating a Teaching and Learning Resource. This term completes the research portfolio.

Students are supported towards one additional NCEA assessment through external exam preparation in term 4.

Term 1-3: 91437 (5 credits plus UE Literacy in Writing)
Term 1-3: 91434 (5 credits plus UE Literacy in Writing)
Term 1-3: 91435 (5 credits plus UE Literacy in Writing)
Term 4: Preparation for External Exam 91436 (4 credits plus UE Literacy in Reading and Writing)
Total credits at NCEA 3: 15 Internal + 4 External = 19

Courses offered per block.

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