Level 1 Science

Course Overview

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Welcome back to Science!

Studying Science broadens your understanding of life and the universe around us. Figuring out how it all works allows people to find real solutions to real problems. Today our society is heavily based on scientific knowledge (electricity, internet, medication and most of health, buildings, transport, fabrics, plastics…) and we are in constant need of more scientists and engineers. Science is a very wide area which traditionally separates in several fields. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Astronomy… This course does not specialise, but covers a wide range of topics to prepare you for a future specialisation.

Science can be a demanding subject and requires a high level of commitment. It is critical that the students have a responsible approach to their learning, working on extra homework to consolidate the content covered in class. Keep in mind that you may find some parts of the course quite easy while other parts will appear difficult. It is important to persevere and help each other during the year.

This booklet contains an outline of the NCEA Level 1 Science class on offer at Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery along with details of assessment opportunities and attendance requirements.

Students entering this NCEA level 1 course MUST have taken at least a full year of Science AND Mathematics “4/5” courses. They need to have built up skills and confidence in algebra, as well as being determined to achieve excellence.

Physics, Biology and Chemistry at level 2, and level 3 the following year, which in turn will lead to many tertiary study opportunities.

Scroll to the bottom of this page for a list of standards available during the year in this class. The Science course will be structured on a term basis. Each term will focus on different topics.


Assessment Dates
At the beginning of each block you will be advised of the dates for each assessment. The Assessments will be either in the form of reports to be worked on in class and at home, or as practice external exams to be done in class.

Further Assessment Opportunities
Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery school policy, following national guidelines, is to allow one reassessment opportunity for internally assessed standards where feasible for students who failed to gain credit or higher at the first attempt. Students will also need to demonstrate that they have made progress in their learning since the first assessment to make the second opportunity worthwhile. Students should read this course outline carefully to make sure that they fully understand reassessment as it applies to this subject.

If a resubmission on any internally assessed standard is required by the Learning Advisor, the student will be instructed to attend a verbal and/or written resubmission class. Here they will be given the opportunity to provide verbal or written corrections and/or validation of their work. In the case of reassessments, students will be given a maximum of five weeks following the final due date, to hand in work for reassessment.

Assessment work completed must be your own work. For each assessment submitted, you will be asked to sign a statutory declaration confirming that the work is your own. Where evidence indicates work presented is not your own, the school policy on “Breaches of the Rules” will be followed.

Retention of Student Work
Student internal assessment material will be retained by the department until it is no longer required for moderation purposes.

Appeals of grades awarded are to be made within two weeks of the return of the assessed work. Where a grade is appealed, school policy will be followed.

Late work
Student work is due on the date set at the time of the assessment activity. Late work will not be accepted unless an extension has been arranged with the LA before the due date.

Non submission of work / No assessment taken place
No grade will be awarded when no assessment has taken place for whatever reason.

Verification of Grades
Students will be required to verify grades awarded by signing the results slip attached to each piece of internally assessed work.

Questions, concerns, other matters
Please direct questions to florian.maisonneuve@aotawhiti.school.nz or matt.parkes@aotawhiti.school.nz

Assessment opportunities

The following NCEA Standards are available through Level 1 Science:

AS 90944 (Term 1.1) 4 Credits (External)
Level 1 Science 1.5
Demonstrate understanding of aspects of acids and bases

AS 90930 (Term 1.2) 4 Credits (Internal) - Counts towards Numeracy
Level 1 Chemistry 1.1
Carry out a practical chemistry investigation, with direction

AS 90948 (Term 2.1) 4 Credits (External) - Counts towards L1 Literacy
Level 1 Science 1.9
Demonstrate understanding of biological ideas relating to genetic variations

AS 90926 (Term 2.2) 3 Credits (Internal) - Counts towards L1 Literacy
Level 1 Biology 1.2
Report on a biological issue

AS 90940 (Term 3.1) 4 Credits (External)
Level 1 Science 1.1
Demonstrate understanding of aspects of mechanics

AS 90935 (Term 3.2) 4 Credits (Internal) - Counts towards Numeracy
Level 1 Physics 1.1
Carry out a physics investigation that leads to a linear mathematical relationship, with direction

Total credits: 23

Courses offered per block.

TitleLA CodeBlockYear
A beginners guide to chemistryMICV32021
Mechanical MadnessZACW32021
Senior ESS - Extreme EarthMATP32021
Chemical reactions and investigationsZACW22021
Genetic VariationMICV22021
Senior Earth and Space Science - SPACEMATP22021
Foundational chemistry: Acids, bases and chemical reactionsZACW12021
How to run away from bears and other useful life skillsMICV12021
Senior Earth and Space Science - energy around the EarthMATP12021