Level Two Visual Art

Course Overview

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Prerequisite: A level one visual art course or negotiation with a visual art
learning advisor prior to entry.

For level two visual arts you will work independently to establish a
proposal, explore and investigate this visually, then develop, extend and
resolve your ideas. You will be required to investigate a range of art works from contemporary and traditional art making practices. This is to inform and challenge your own work and to help you place your work in context.

This course is based around making a sequential body of work that is suitable for submission for level two achievement
standards. Building a two panel portfolio that is A1 in size will be a focus for your year in art and also an expectation and conclusion of this course. Your portfolio can be used for tertiary applications into art courses as level two art is an approved subject. (Completed folios do not have to be submitted for NCEA - this is optional)

The fields of practice available are: graphic/promotional design and illustration, painting, photography (photography is a separate course), printmaking, sculpture. You may choose to work in more than one field and your ideas can link across practices. Achievement standards are optional and by negotiation. You will have opportunities to curate and exhibit your work within the school, on line and within a public space.

A material list will be given at the start of the course.
There will be costs for the purchase of x2 A1 folio boards (cost to be
confirmed of $18.00 approx.)

There maybe additional cost depending of students individual needs. This will be advised.
Level two internal credits will be assessed on completion of the course.
Authenticity: all work must be observed in progress by an art learning advisor and must be the student’s own work only. You are required to sign an authenticity form before NCEA folios can be assessed.

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