Philosophy of Mind

Course Overview

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Course begins: Term 3.1
What is a mind? Can the mind extend beyond the brain? Can a computer be literally part of your mind? Is a mind the sort of thing that has parts?

The fields of Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science attempt to answer these questions. Through this course students will be introduced to historical answers to the questions above. Students will compare historical answers to contemporary answers.

The course is hard and content is conceptually challenging. Experience in other philosophy courses will help. As far as NCEA goes, this course will suit students that would like to work through English standards, but not in the actual subject of English.

Assessment Information
Assessments are drawn from English Level 2 and/or 3. Students work at the appropriate level.
Students will complete a writing portfolio, analyze texts, and gain information/literacy skills.

Total 18 credits at Level 3.

Courses offered per block.

TitleLA CodeBlockYear
Practical PhilosophyBRES4.12019
Philosophy - Analyze a religious textBRES3.22019