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Course Overview

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By studying mathematics and statistics, students develop the ability to think creatively, critically, strategically, and logically. They learn to structure and to organise, to carry out procedures flexibly and accurately, to process and communicate information, and to enjoy intellectual challenge.

By learning mathematics and statistics, students develop other important thinking skills. They learn to create models and predict outcomes, to conjecture, to justify and verify, and to seek patterns and generalisations. They learn to estimate with reasonableness, calculate with precision, and understand when results are precise and when they must be interpreted with uncertainty. Mathematics and statistics have a broad range of practical applications in everyday life, in other learning areas, and in workplaces.

Recommended Prior Learning

Prerequisites vary depending on the topic. The Probability topics require some algebra knowledge. Knowledge of the equations of straight-line graphs is important for the other options. Level 1 AS 91037 Chance and Data would be really helpful and in level 2, AS 91264 Statistical inference, AS91267 Probability, AS91035 Multivariate data, AS91036 Bivariate data will help improve Level 3 grades.
Resources might be helpful to learn/revise:

NCEA information

This course is roughly half internally, half externally assessed.

It is University Entrance approved and also may be combined with some Calculus standards to create a Mathematics approved subject.

The three internals are reports that student work on during the assessment week, in and out of class.

AS 91581 Bivariate data 4 credits (internal)
Investigate the relationships of two or more sets of real data to draw conclusions.

AS 91580 Investigate time series data 4 credits (internal)
Look at patterns over time in a set of data.

AS 91582 Statistical inference 4 credits (internal)
Learn two methods commonly used for determining the reliability of statistical inferences.

AS 91585 Probability concepts 4 credits (external)
This adds several more tools for calculating more complex probability probabilities than you have so far.

AS 91586 Probability distributions 4 credits (external)
You learn to use four different models, commonly used in the world, of predicting probability.

This external may also be sat, it requires similar knowledge used in the internals:

AS 91584 Evaluate statistical reports 4 credits (external)
Get more skilled in assessing the truth of statistics information. (writing UE literacy)

Courses offered per block.

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