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Welcome to Science!
Studying Science broadens your understanding of life and the universe around us. Figuring out how it all works allows people to find real solutions to real problems. Today our society is heavily based on scientific knowledge (electricity, internet, medication and most of health, buildings, transport, fabrics, plastics…) and we are in constant need of more scientists and engineers. Science is a very wide area which traditionally separates in several fields. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Astronomy… Three science courses are offered this year: 4SCI, 5SCI and 5SCI. These courses do not specialise, but cover a wide range of topics to give you a foundational knowledge of all of these topics.
These courses lead to Science in all its forms at NCEA level 1

The Science courses will be structured on a half-term basis, i.e. either four or five weeks blocks. Each unit will focus on a different topic. Here is the list of topics covered this year:

Term 4SCI - ZACW Strand 5SCI - ZACW Strand 5SCI - FLOM Strand
1.1 Scientific inquiry Nature of Science The skeptics club Nature of Science
1.2 Lego of the world Material world Nutrients and Digestion Living world
2.1 Life on Mars Planet Earth and Beyond Electricity Physical world
2.2 Evolution Living world Astronomy Planet Earth and beyond
3.1 Work, forces and motion Physical world Alcohols and Perfumes Material World
3.2 Fuels and Climate change Material World Cellular Biology Living world
4.1 Oceans Planet Earth and Beyond The nature of Science Nature of Science


For each part of the course the type of assessment will be specified at the beginning of the half-term block. It can (and most likely will) be alternatively an in-class test, an individual homework to complete, a group project, a presentation, a poster, a practical experiment… In some cases it will be a combination of these. This will depend on the topic covered and the learning advisor in charge.

Assessment work completed must be your own work, unless specified by the learning advisor in charge of the course.

Questions, concerns, other matters
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Courses offered per block.

TitleLA CodeBlockYear
Chemistry in actionMATP32021
Sports ScienceMATP22021