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There are four internally assessed standards available at level one NCEA, and two external exams. We can also assess appropriate standards from other domains (such as performing arts technologies) depending on your personal strengths and interests.
Internally assessed standards for level one music are:

AS 91090 (1.1) Perform two pieces of music as a featured soloist (6 credits)
AS 91091 (1.2) Demonstrate ensemble skills by performing a substantial piece of music as a member of a group (4 credits)
AS 91092 (1.3) Compose two substantial pieces of music (6 credits) and
AS91095 (1.6) Demonstrate knowledge of two music works from contrasting contexts (6 Credits)

There are also two externally assessed standards available at level two, which will require you to sit a formal exam at the end of the year. We will be preparing for these throughout the year, depending on student interest. External standards in level 1 music are:

AS 91093 (1.4) Demonstrate aural and theoretical skills through transcription (4 Credits)
AS 91094 (1.5) Demonstrate knowledge of conventions used in music scores (4 Credits)

At Ao Tawhiti students can negotiate their own learning and qualifications pathways. In music we cater for this by allowing students to choose which assessments they wish to sit. This must be done in consultation with your music LA (Matt) at the start of the year. It is recommended that for a full-year music program you aim to complete approximately 18 – 20 credits. You may also choose to be assessed at other levels for some standards if this is appropriate. For example, if you are a highly capable player, but you struggle with reading music, you may wish to sit level 2 performance standards at the same time as completing level 1 composition and theory work. For a full list of level two standards available, please see the course overview for NCEA levels two and three.

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