5sci 2022

Course Overview

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A general science course, leading towards NCEA level 1

Term 1
MATP - Ecology (focus on plants and evolution)
MICV - The Biology of Movement (focus on body systems and exercise, also genetics)
ZACW - (56CLI) The carbon cycle and climate change in local contexts (students are encouraged to take both green and blue colour block classes in the climate program. See info here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19mzVoiS4UFKypP9ZAVRWEcBcc4jTnCmrfDsV...)

Term 2
MATP - The universe + space exploration (phys/ESS)
ZACW - Clever chemistry
ZACW - (56CLI) Climate scientists in action! Monitoring local environments and gathering data to inform decision-making and designing solutions.

Term 3
MATP - Steampunk science (chem/ phys) (combustion, work/energy/power)
MICV - Sustainable solutions (electricity, climate change, renewable energy)
ZACW - (56CLI) Critical thinking: understanding and evaluating perspectives on a climate-related issue

Term 4
MATP - water (bio, chem, phys, ESS)

Courses offered per block.

TitleLA CodeBlockYear
Electricity and Science ProjectsMICV32022
SteamPunk ScienceMATP32022
Chemistry: because it's Au-someZACW22022
Planetary exploration - Rockets, rovers, satellites, drones and probes.MATP22022
The biology of movementMICV12022
Redzone rebirthMATP12022