Participating and contributing

This competency is about being actively involved in communities. Communities include family, whānau, and school and those based, for example, on a common interest or culture. They may be drawn together for purposes such as learning, work, celebration, or recreation. They may be local, national, or global. This competency includes a capacity to contribute appropriately as a group member, to make connections with others, and to create opportunities for others in the group.

Students who participate and contribute in communities have a sense of belonging and the confidence to participate within new contexts. They understand the importance of balancing rights, roles, and responsibilities and of contributing to the quality and sustainability of social, cultural, physical, and economic environments.

Wk 11 - Last Week

Robert M still needs to assess my writing assessment

I would like to have a look at the writing portfolio but I dont have an ENglish class

Really need to finish EFS - waiting for K to respond

PE Log still

No Drum kit at the Discovery site so couldn't play

Talent quest


Fabric flowers

To make different kinds of fabric flowers, out of second hand clothes. Make the fabric flowers into, hair ties, broaches, and hair clips. Once done I’m going to donate, the fabric flowers to the residents at my Mums work.

Nature Play Term 1 2019

  • Posted on: 1 April 2019
  • By: NadineWalmisley

This term we will be exploring the curriculum through nature play at Halswell Quarry on Fridays. We will lead our own learning as well as participate in offered workshops if we choose. We will have plenty of opportunity to use our core values and live out our guiding principles.

Stay in the classroom of ALL the lessons!

Struggles remembering what she is supposed to be doing.

Red - Maths is not hard but does not like it - needs it for baking, shopping, saving money and when I get a job;
Blue - English with EmiM - Likes it; Reading and writing stories
Yellow - PE with SarahA - I don't like it; doesnt know why; struggles doing the activities; Maybe change to Art Holly - Marlene will see;
Purple - Social Studies... struggles to remember
Green - 45MAO; Completing work set; attendance needs work