Relating to others

Relating to others is about interacting effectively with a diverse range of people in a variety of contexts. This competency includes the ability to listen actively, recognise different points of view, negotiate, and share ideas.

Students who relate well to others are open to new learning and able to take different roles in different situations. They are aware of how their words and actions affect others. They know when it is appropriate to compete and when it is appropriate to co-operate. By working effectively together, they can come up with new approaches, ideas, and ways of thinking.

Pukeko Measurement Problem Solving T4 2020

  • Posted on: 27 September 2020
  • By: BonnieDalton

Each Friday this term we will be working as a whole HB on problem solving in maths. This term we will focus on Measurement for our strand and do this each Friday as a whole Pukeko group.
We will be going over length, area, volume, temperature and time.
Activities will largely be based around our integrated Living World focus and will include lots of hands on activities including designing, making and measuring.
We will also endeavour to use this time to do some real world problem solving and get out in the city to make maths real.

Stage 3 Fractions T4 2020

  • Posted on: 26 September 2020
  • By: BonnieDalton

We will be focusing on Fractions, in small groups 3x per week with students from Pukeko and Piwakawaka. Add/Sub and Mult/Div were covered in Terms 1 - 3.
Students will also work on Stage 3 Number Knowledge and complete Basic Facts activities based on these alongside their fractions learning, as well as completing fractions follow-up activities 3x per week.

HB Piwakawaka Nature Play Days

  • Posted on: 25 September 2020
  • By: NadineWalmisley

On Wednesdays in term 4 we will be heading to the Richmond Community Gardens to explore nature. This links nicely with our growing things inquiry.

While we are there we will:

Explore literacy in Nature
Focus on Measurement for Maths
Play in Nature
Explore the gardens and perhaps help weed the garden beds
Do some art

Integrated Literacy Term 4 2020 - HB Piwakawaka

  • Posted on: 25 September 2020
  • By: NadineWalmisley

This term we will be following an integrated approach to literacy. We have learners with a range of abilities from very emergent to those with increasing independence and confidence.

In our literacy sessions we will use big books and experiential activities to prompt, particularly, our writing. We will use shared stories to develop our knowledge and understanding of elements of writing and reading, oral language and comprehension. We will also use the Storytelling process for some of our sessions.

Pukeko - PE - Term 3 - Catching, Throwing, Passing, Targeting

  • Posted on: 24 September 2020
  • By: DeanCrawford

Context: large and small balls for throwing, passing, catching, targeting - handball as the game

Developing Fundamental Movement Skills using games and developing the skills with technical feedback for improvement. Providing opportunities for students to explore their bodies movements and manipulating objects within space.

Goal 1/9/2020

Literacy: For Literacy we are still working on some film study, we are looking at different film techniques for different scenes. Like it!

Maths: For maths we are doing algebra on Maths Buddy now, we are just doing thing interdependent. I enjoy this way of learning.

PE: For PE we are doing a different version of American football(it's a bit like ripper rugby.) It's fun I just need to get better at catching the ball by watching it.

ART: For art I'M making a cup that looks like it's made out of Swiss cheese it's looking funny, I like it.

GOAL 26/8/2020

Literacy: We are still working on the film study, I still am enjoying the class it's a fun class.

Maths: For math we are just finishing on algebra. I have got the hang of it completely. I still like this class (One of my favorite.)

Art: For art I am going to make a teacup that looks like it's made of cheese. I think it is a really cool class and thing that our school has to offer.

PE: for PE we are doing flag football(It's a bit like american rugby.) this class is going to be a lot of fun to do. I'm going to like this sport.