Relating to others

Relating to others is about interacting effectively with a diverse range of people in a variety of contexts. This competency includes the ability to listen actively, recognise different points of view, negotiate, and share ideas.

Students who relate well to others are open to new learning and able to take different roles in different situations. They are aware of how their words and actions affect others. They know when it is appropriate to compete and when it is appropriate to co-operate. By working effectively together, they can come up with new approaches, ideas, and ways of thinking.

HB Kōwhai/Pōhutukawa T1 2021 Health/PE

  • Posted on: 13 April 2021
  • By: SuzeKeys


A1 Students will describe feelings and ask questions about their health, growth, development, and personal needs and wants.
During reflection we ask the children to say how they feel before and after an activity. Children are asked to contemplate how they can use the skills we are teaching them out in the “real world” to help meet their personal needs. Finally we ask children to share personal stories and feelings and help them problem solve.

Waihanga Hapori Term 1 2021

  • Posted on: 11 April 2021
  • By: SuzeKeys

This is the hapori for the artists, creators, engineers, builders, producers, story-tellers, designers and crafters out there; students who have ideas and want the opportunity to bring them to life.

If you want to develop your skills, knowledge or passion to create art, or construct objects, or produce movies, or programme games, or write comics, or design solutions to problems, or any number of other making/doing/creating type things… then this is the community for you!

Gateway Agriculture

April - Cody accepted for Gateway NTA Agriculture course:

19115 Handle and move livestock (Level 3, 6 credits)

Prepare to apply and apply agrichemicals using handheld equipment
(Level 2, 5 credits)


Identify factors and describe how to manage factors that contribute
injury in a rural workplace (Level 3, 4 credits)

32092 Assist with feeding and supplying water to pastoral livestock to meet