Using language, symbols, and texts

Using language, symbols, and texts is about working with and making meaning of the codes in which knowledge is expressed. Languages and symbols are systems for representing and communicating information, experiences, and ideas. People use languages and symbols to produce texts of all kinds: written, oral/aural, and visual; informative and imaginative; informal and formal; mathematical, scientific, and technological.

Students who are competent users of language, symbols, and texts can interpret and use words, number, images, movement, metaphor, and technologies in a range of contexts. They recognise how choices of language, symbol, or text affect people’s understanding and the ways in which they respond to communications. They confidently use ICT (including, where appropriate, assistive technologies) to access and provide information and to communicate with others.

Bella's Audio Book Project

  • Posted on: 2 April 2019
  • By: KateArmour

I would like my AT project to be recording my own audiobooks. I’ll be reading numerous books (a mixture of original and already written pieces by other authors and people from school) that I record and share. The audiobooks will feature me as the narrator reading an unabridged story, and possibly even finding guest voice actors and actresses to speak certain characters. I would add music and sound effects to enhance the listening experience.

Nature Play Term 1 2019

  • Posted on: 1 April 2019
  • By: NadineWalmisley

This term we will be exploring the curriculum through nature play at Halswell Quarry on Fridays. We will lead our own learning as well as participate in offered workshops if we choose. We will have plenty of opportunity to use our core values and live out our guiding principles.

Wk 8 Response & Goals 18-22 March

Red - Maths is good; already done the assessment last year & got Achieved; Reading the book for the next assessment instead
Blue - Print Media 1st Draft finish share Marz; Starting on presentation almost done
Yellow - Robs English watching movie so must get Rob to send movie title so can watch at home; not doing. They are starting an assessment that I am not doing. Still doing the class though.
Purple - STUDY - did media work
Green - STUDY - course work

ARA Cookery - Assessment tomorrow Thursday 21st

Wk 8 Response & Goals 18-22 March

Red - Finished draft Plan for 2.2 - Write Script for video essay
(Extra: ENGLISH Personal Responses for RicP too)
Blue - Print Media sharing with Marz Thursday I HATE IT
Yellow - Not doing assessment BUT I am still acting and know all Lines
Purple - Two assessments 12 credit - Easy; psychology assessment 2.1 will get number - 3 types
Green - Have started assessment from Te Kura; Almost finished this week just got 3rd part to go

Wk 7 (11-18 March) Prepare & Study for Wk8 Assessments

Red - number, fractions and doing assessment next week - I'll BE FINE!!!
Blue - English GeoM - Writing Portfolio 1 out of 3 to do - Working on it presently
Yellow - Tauparapara DONE! Mihi miharo to work on; Marz has to find the UNIT STANDARD
Purple - History going good; Doing the research in preparation for the different assessment TASKS as they go!!!
Green - Science and the assessments are being done in class

NEXT WEEK credits will be gained!!!!