Thinking is about using creative, critical, and metacognitive processes to make sense of information, experiences, and ideas. These processes can be applied to purposes such as developing understanding, making decisions, shaping actions, or constructing knowledge. Intellectual curiosity is at the heart of this competency.

Students who are competent thinkers and problem-solvers actively seek, use, and create knowledge. They reflect on their own learning, draw on personal knowledge and intuitions, ask questions, and challenge the basis of assumptions and perceptions.

Gateway Skills NZ Electrical Work Placement Programme

26 June John advised that George did not turn up to site safe course on June 18 - George needs to contact John as soon as possible in week beginning June 29 to re-book the course as this is an essential part of the Gateway Skills programme

12 June George enrolled for Site Safe Course in preparation for Gateway Skills Electrical
Details below:

Course: Foundation Passport - Building Construction

Start Date/Time: 18/06/2020 8:00 a.m.

End Date/Time: 18/06/2020 12:00 p.m.

Duration: 4 Hours

Gateway Lifecare Mental Health Diversion Therapy Programme

28 May

Enrolled for Gateway Mental Health Diversion Therapy Support Worker online courses. Work experience will happen later as not yet possible owing to Covid 19 situation.

Starting with:
23686 Describe a person’s rights in a health or wellbeing setting level 2 1 credit

23452 Describe techniques for moving equipment and people in a health or
wellbeing setting.

Gateway Careerforce Mental Health Support Worker Work Experience Programme

26 June Careerforce advise that Rachel has completed the following:
23451 : Describe the role of a support worker in a he 4 2 5 20-Jun-20 21-Jun-20
23686 : Describe a person's rights in a health or well 4 2 1 20-Jun-20 21-Jun-20
28529 : Identify the impact of culture on support in a 2 2 5 20-Jun-20 21-Jun-20

Rachel to talk to John on Monday June 29 about Gateway work experience placement with Careerforce and possibly doing some more units.

Gateway Careerforce Health Care Nursing Assistant Work Experience Programme

March 28
Enrolled in Gateway Careerforce Healthcare Nursing Assistant Programme. Jamie wants to find out more about a possible future nursing career.
Starting with online units as Covid19 lockdown situation prevents work experience at this stage:

28529 Identify the impact of culture on support in a health or wellbeing setting - L2 - 5 credits

28548 Support a person’s wellbeing and quality of life in a health or wellbeing setting -L2 - 3 credits

April 20 John emailed Jamie to check how she is going with online courses.