Thinking is about using creative, critical, and metacognitive processes to make sense of information, experiences, and ideas. These processes can be applied to purposes such as developing understanding, making decisions, shaping actions, or constructing knowledge. Intellectual curiosity is at the heart of this competency.

Students who are competent thinkers and problem-solvers actively seek, use, and create knowledge. They reflect on their own learning, draw on personal knowledge and intuitions, ask questions, and challenge the basis of assumptions and perceptions.

Fast Words Card 8 T3 2020

  • Posted on: 22 September 2020
  • By: BonnieDalton

Children will learn to read and write the words as provided by their LAs through daily activities including (but not limited to) the following:
- White crayon on black paper
- Make with letter tiles
- Rainbow writing
- Painting
- Magic writing (crayon and dye)
- Chalk
- Sandpaper
- Tiles and paint
- Mini whiteboards
- Pastels on paper
- Roll of paper outside
- Sandpit with a stick...

Shape Level 2

  • Posted on: 18 September 2020
  • By: BonnieDalton

Over the course of this week we will focus on 'Shape'

In this unit students investigate the features of solid shapes and learn the names for them.
They will be introduced to making nets for 3D shapes.

Specific Learning Outcomes
Explore and describe faces, edges, and corners of 2D and 3D objects.
Make, name and describe polygons and other plane shapes

Goal 7/9/2020

Literacy: For Literacy I'm working on a photo shop poster thing on the movie Hunt For The Wilder People. This task will allow me how to edit photos, text, background and how to use layers for my other animating projects, and things. This class is something i enjoy on doing a lot i have been trying to see what else i can do with it at home in my spare time.

31.08.20 Week 7 Goal

Attendance needs updating.

Classes ok.... I can't think of anything going wrong in classes. Business and English been focussing on this for externals.

Did well in Te Reo Māori. Just need the 3rd exam as I need TWO exams to pass the standard.

week 7 31/08/2020

Yellow -Maths-working towards the measurement Level 1

Red -SDL -working towards all of my Maths assessment; Measurement - need the as-number; Level 1

Blue -Biology-finished one internal and started on another internal assessment
Green -P.E-Working on bio-mechanical principle; DUE Week 9; DRAFT handed in Week 8. Level 1

Purple - Maori - Achieved one of two assessments NEED to resit another Whakarongo/Listening exam. Need MORE study on basic words and sentences. Level 1.

27.08.20 Goals Week 6

Yellow Literacy - Good - Political - Need to pay attention more but we do Google classroom;
Red Maths - Linear equations with Algebra - struggle with it too; I try and figure out from the answers how it works;
Blue Flag football - its alright
Green - Going into Basketball in Week Week 7
Orange - SDL - Marz reckons I should go to the Olympics in 3 years or the next Winter Olympics
Purple - Holistics with BraF - Only had one session this block.

Early writers Information Reports, T3 2020

  • Posted on: 20 August 2020
  • By: BonnieDalton

We will be writing information reports about an animal of our choice.

We will use a planning sheet to help us to do our research and source facts on our chosen animals.
We will use books first and then the internet to do our research.
We will spend some time editing our writing.
We will write a report that includes an introduction and conclusion as well as at least 5 other facts.
We will post our reports to Seesaw.

Gateway Automotive Workplacement

19 August
Discussed Gateway Automotive Work Placement course
Start with:
Introduction to the Workplace 3 Days - running from 5-7 October
This course allows the students to work in an automotive Dealership to view the different
Departments, see the range of jobs that are being carried out and gain information about them so
they can look at career options. This allows the student to gain knowledge and credits before they
choose their work experience placement. The students will also complete Health & Safety