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The 78Science course is targeted primarily at students with an interest in Earth and Space Science, or those that want to include some Science in their senior subject options, but do not want or need to undertake a specialist Biology, Chemistry or Physics course. It may also appeal to students that want to extend their science studies beyond B/C/P. Standards covered will be drawn from the Earth and Space Science domains. There are strong links with Outdoor Education, Geography and Education for Sustainability.

The level 3 standards in this course are approved for University Entrance. Most also count towards UE literacy. Scholarship is also available for suitably motivated students.

The L7 and L8 components of the course will run in parallel, and offer a mixture of internal and external assessment opportunities. There are three 4-credit externals for NCEA Level 2, Two NCEA Level 3 4-credit externals and a scholarship exam. A new external topic will be covered each term. There are a range of internal assessments, some of which complement externals. Internals may be worked on independently and/ or in class through the year.

Term 1:
L7 - Extreme Earth Events; Geological processes.
L8 - Atmospheric science; Geological dating

Term 2:
L7 - Starts and planets; Validity of information
L8 - Ocean science; Astronomy investigation

Term 3:
L7 - Physical Principals; Extreme life
L8 - Socio-scientific issues; Independant investigation

Term 4:
L7 - finish internals/ revision
L8 - finish internals/ revision

Assessment Information - assessments can be chosen from the following (all are worth 4 credits each)
NCEA L2 - External:
ESS2.5 AS 91191 - Demonstrate understanding of the causes of extreme events in New Zealand
ESS 2.6 AS 91192 - Demonstrate understanding of stars and planetary systems 4 credits
ESS2.7 AS 91193 - Demonstrate understanding of physical principles related to the Earth system
ESS 2.3 AS 91189 - Investigate geological processes in a New Zealand locality
ESS 2.2 AS 91188 - Examine an ESS issue and the validity of the information available
ESS2.4 AS 91190 - Investigate how organisms survive in an extreme environment

NCEA L3 - External:
ESS 3.4 AS91414 - Demonstrate understanding of processes in the atmosphere system
ESS 3.5 AS91413 - Demonstrate understanding of processes in the ocean system
ESS 3.3 AS91412 - Investigate the evidence related to dating geological event(s)
ESS 3.6 AS91415 - Investigate an aspect of astronomy
ESS 3.2 AS91411 - Investigate a socio-scientific issue in an Earth and Space Science context
ESS 3.1 AS91410 - Carry out an independent practical Earth and Space Science investigation

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