Senior Minglish

Course Overview

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This course is a combination of Media Studies and English - you can mix and match whichever assessments you like from these subjects to best suit your program. A list of Media Studies standards can be found here and English standards here.

Usually, students will lean towards completing these standards:
* Script writing (Med 2.8/3.8)
* Writing Folio (Eng 2.4/3.4)
* Designing/Making a short film (Med 2.5/3.5, Med 2.6/3.6)
* Creating a Visual Text (Eng 2.6/3.6)
* Analysing film techniques (Med 2.2/3.2, Eng 2.10/3.9)

Something to note:
We’ll study a text together, then choose an assessment to do based on that text. Not everyone in the class will choose the same assessment.
Therefore, you really should have your head around the various NCEA standards before entering this class! This approach is not recommended for those students who require a lot of additional classroom support, but this approach does work well for self-directed students.

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