2017 Term 1 Literacy/ Science/ Stats Inquiry Climate Change OWLS

  • Posted on: 28 February 2017
  • By: MelvaGill

We are looking at the causes and effects of global warming with an emphasis on what students can do to mitigate and stop this.
We will sue this as our crafted report writing example.
We will incorporate science and statistics to express these ideas.

This will be delivered in an inquiry model with scaffolded levels of independence.

Wolves fully indi supported by mentor. Level 4 +
Bears and Squirrels high support. Level 2 or less
Owls indi with scaffolds to support. Level 2 late or Level 3.

This was an extremely successful writing cycle for all students and everyone scored than in previous crafted writing samples for the start of term 1 in previous cohorts.
The individual results will be included as part of OTJ data.

Reuse this model next for myth and inventing stories.

To Do List: 
Research and understand carbon cycle and greenhouse effect
Express findings in graphs, tally charts, bar graphs, stem and leaf.
Present learning in a crafted report.
LA Code: