Clone of 56 Science

Course Overview

LA Code: 
Term Subject Number Credits Type Lit/Num Title
1 Science 1.13 AS90952 4 Internal Lit Demonstrate understanding of the formation of surface features in New Zealand
2 Science 1.2 AS90941 4 Internal Num Investigate implications of electricity and magnetism for everyday lifed
2 Physics 1.3 AS90937 4 External Num Demonstrate understanding of aspects of electricity and magnetism
3.1 Science 1.15 AS90954 4 Internal Lit Demonstrate understanding of the effects of astronomical cycles on planet earth
3.2 Science 1.14 AS90953 4 Internal Lit Demonstrate understanding of carbon cycling
4.1 Science 1.6 AS90945 4 Internal None Investigate implications of the use of carbon compounds as fuels

24 credits total.

Courses offered per block.

TitleLA CodeBlockYear
Chemistry in actionMATP4.12017
Hey there, hoter stuff....MATP3.22017
Hey there, hot stuff....MATP3.12017
Zombi plague - part 2MATP2.22017
Zombi plague - part IMATP2.12017
Shakin all over (again, AGAIN)MATP1.22017
Shakin all over (again)MATP1.12017