67 Science

Course Overview

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This year will take us on a long journey of science exploration, covering varied content like astronomy, chemistry, earth science, physics, and maybe other topics. It will be assessed mostly at NCEA level 1 with a few level 2 credits.

Term Subject Number Credits Type Lit/Num Title
1.1 Chemistry AS 91162 3 Internal Carry out procedures to identify ions present in solution
1.2 Geology AS 90953 4 Internal Lit Demonstrate understanding of Carbon cycling
2.1 Astronomy AS 90954 4 Internal Lit Demonstrate understanding of the effects of astronomical cycles on planet earth
2.2 Astrophysics AS 91192 4 External Lit Demonstrate understanding of stars and planetary systems
3.1 Physics AS 90941 4 Internal Num Investigate implications of electricity and magnetism for everyday life
3.2 Physics AS 90943 4 Internal Investigate implications of heat for everyday life

23 credits total.

Courses offered per block.

TitleLA CodeBlockYear
Electricity and magnetismFLOM3.12018
Hey there, hot stuff....FLOM3.22018
Astronomical cycles.FLOM2.12018
The carbon cycleFLOM1.22018
Cool ChemistryFLOM1.12018