Foundation Science

Course Overview

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Course Structure:
Term 1 and 2 will cover the Planet Earth and Beyond strand and Term 3 and 4 will cover the Living World strand.

Term Unit
1.1 The pale blue dot
1.2 I feel the Earth move
2.1 Sustainable planet
2.2 Limitied resources
3.1 The wonderous wet
3.2 What are you?
4.1 Hunter gatherer
4.2 Food here and there

Assessment Information:
For each part of the course the type of assessment will be specified at the beginning of the half-term block. It can (and most likely will) be alternatively an in-class test, an individual homework to complete, a group project, a presentation, a poster, a practical experiment… In some cases it will be a combination of these. This will depend on the topic covered.

Assessment work completed must be your own work, unless specified by the learning advisor of the course.

Questions, concerns or other matters:
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