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This is a term by term course of study so it’s a good idea to opt in or out at the end of each term or keep building on your skills and stay for the whole year.

People entering our foundation art program will be given opportunities to develop strong processes using a variety of media such as; drawing, graphic design and illustration, ceramics, painting, printmaking and sculpture. Photography is offered in a separate course. These skills are fundamental to being successful when you are ready to enter into any of the senior art subjects.

An emphasis is be placed on the development of self management, working in a studio along side others, discussing and sharing the challenges you found in your working process in a safe environment. Depending on the direction of each project, work will be individual and sometimes collaborative.

You will be encouraged to keep a regular record of your ideas in a visual diary and become familiar with researching and developing ideas to help place your ideas in context.

Exploration of media and new ways of working, that align with established practices will be supported by visits from practicing artists, visits to galleries, searching/researching on line, entering into competitions, exhibiting work within the school and in a public setting.

A materials list will be given at the beginning of the course and each term.

It is recommended that students take this course prior to entering any senior achievement standards art program at Ao Tawhiti.

NCEA Visual Art Achievement Standards Available:
1.5 Cultural conventions 4 Credits AS90917 Version 3 Internal Assessment

Courses offered per block.

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