Level One Visual Art

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Prerequisite: Foundation Art.
If you have not completed Foundation art then you need to negotiate with a visual arts learning advisor prior to entry and is a full years course of study.

Level one visual art encourages people to develop their observational
drawing skills using wet and dry media and to work within more than one field of art making. This is an opportunity for people to develop confidence and to make a body of work in a sequential way that is based around an idea or theme. You will develop a sound working process and time management skills. This course is ideal preparation for future study at level two and three in visual art.

There are two opportunities during the year to exhibit art works in a public space. However, exhibiting is optional. People are encouraged to do regular homework and/or to work in the art room in their study time. To meet assessment deadlines.

You will keep a visual diary, which will contribute to internally assessed credits. The year concludes with the completion of a two panel folio that is A1 in size that is externally assessed. Some people may choose not to submit work for assessment, however they will be expected to follow the course structure provided throughout the year.

26 credits for level one achievement standards are available in this course but are optional depending on a persons chosen pathway of learning.
A material list will be given at the start of the course.
There will be costs for the purchase of x2 A1 folio boards (cost to be
confirmed of $12.00 approx.).
Level one credits will be assessed on completion of the course.

NB: All work must be observed in progress by an art learning advisor and must be the assessment candidates own work only.

Level One NCEA Visual Art Achievement Standards Available:
1.2 Drawing Methods 4 Credits AS90914 Version 3 Internal Assessment

1.3 Drawing Conventions 6 Credits AS90915 Version 2 Internal Assessment

1.4 Folio 12 Credits AS90016 Version 3 External Assessment

1.5 Cultural conventions 4 Credits AS90917 Version 3 Internal Assessment
(1.5 may have been already assessed in Foundation Art and can not be assessed twice)

Courses offered per block.

TitleLA CodeBlockYear
Level one NCEA art - red block HOLR22021
year 11 - 'Getting started' - term oneHOLR12021
Term 3 Visual Arts Level 1 HOLR32021