Lost Futures

  • Posted on: 18 November 2016
  • By: BrentBarrett
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There are so many industries designed around beautification and improved health. Most of which are fighting the effects of other industries that are placing us at risk and leading to ill health. We will look at industry as three case studies. In the first three-week block we are concerned with the output of industry. We will consider industry output in terms of products, packaging, pollution and waste. This analysis will also look at transport requirements driven by demand in relation to carbon footprint of their product. Following that we will look at humans and their input output. Input is considered in the terms of power, food, consumables, technology and vehicle emissions. Output relates to human waste, heat loss, power wastage and the concepts around litter and recycling. These two concepts help us understanding the differing perspectives around supply and demand and in particular what drives consumer choice (or what should drive it). The final stage of this term will look at global use of chemicals and their effects on the environment, climate and human health. We will explore the various information regarding choosing to consume organic or free-range products from a nutritional and ethical perspective.

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