To evolve or not to evolve, that is the question.

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  • Posted on: 18 November 2016
  • By: BrentBarrett
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Rather than travel the world for 5 years getting horrendously sea sick, as Darwin did, we can learn about most of the fundamental agents of speciation on campus. This course will explore the various components of evolutionary processes which culminated in the species we currently see on earth (and those we have lost).
In New Zealand we have the luxury of living in one of the best locations for observing speciation, surpassed only by the Galapagos Islands. We will explore our own back yard and then further afield to build our knowledge in this subject. To begin this journey we will start with the smallest components of change namely genetic material and work our way up to huge natural events that separated individuals for multiple generations. In short we will explore how the world got to be so unbelievably diverse and interesting. From a strand of DNA to a tectonic movement and everything in between. These are the real mechanisms of change and speciation.

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