Sharpening our scientific brain

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  • Posted on: 18 November 2016
  • By: BrentBarrett
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Science is about investigation and Biology is about applying science to the unknown. Essentially interviewing natural ecosystems or species and extracting vital information. This information could be as simple as understanding their basic biology or as complex as ecological inter-relatedness or specific conservation needs.
In this half of the term we will be honing our skills for practical investigations in a biological context. This section will require field work which will incur a small cost to attend (Approx. $100) and will be a trip to the a new location as Kaikoura is no longer viable as a research site..
All components of scientific research will be experienced from planning, data collection and mathematical analysis through to making scientifically sound conclusions and submissions for further research. All analysis practice will be conducted on real data sets from real research sourced from around New Zealand.
This will get to the very core of being a scientist and how knowledge is gained in the field of biology.

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