Loose ends and odds and sods.

  • Posted on: 18 November 2016
  • By: BrentBarrett
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In this block we will look at the concepts we have learned in relation to the big picture. We will look at all the positive change ideas we have co-constructed and see if any of the worrying trends have changed in the year that we have been studying them. We may finish off our Multi-media productions or complete an assessment standard relating to biological investigations.
People continue to strive to meet their individual needs, often creating problems for the longevity of resource accessibility. Many problems are presented on a global scale or result from global trade. These often have impacts on us locally. We will look at small production “buy local” ideas in relation to human needs. We will explore biological research techniques to conduct an investigation into one of these areas. This will be used to add to a body of knowledge that improves the sustainability of human activity (propagation, seed-storage, food production, microbial action etc.).

Assessment Opportunities: