Boucle d'or

  • Posted on: 17 October 2016
  • By: FlorianMaisonneuve
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Get ready to embark on an intense adventure of language learning. Although this course is designed for beginners, English will only be allowed for emergencies. You will be put outside of your comfort zone as your L.A. uses proven methods for accelerated learning of French. The aim is that you start having basic conversations after only 5 weeks of learning.
As many resources will be given to the students, you need to come prepared with a clear-file or any other organisation system. Also bring pen, paper and coloured pencils.
The core of the course will be around a play called "Boucle d'or et les trois ours". Maybe you know it already? We will be learning the script and rehearsing it for a final show. Everyone will learn all roles.
Students will also learn basic language to talk about themselves in French and will be given a booklet to take home.