2016 Rainbow Cookie Term 4 Writing Programme

  • Posted on: 30 September 2016
  • By: libbyboyd

The intention is these skills will be revisited and continued to be practiced in subsequent writing.

Week 1
Punctuation and Planning
When the children write they punctuate correctly
Make a plan, picture/beg,mid,end/story-map etc...
Success criteria: All full stops capital letters and other punctuation is correct.

Week 2
Proof reading/Editing
Sentences make sense and fast words spelt correctly
Success criteria: Make sure all fastwards are spelt correctly

Week 3
Adjectives/exciting words
Kids will discuss and practice using interesting lang in their writing.
Success criteria: Make sure I include adjectives in my writing

Week 4
Punctuation - Direct speech/Speech Marks
How we use speech marks.
Success criteria: Speech marks will be in the correct places in my direct speaking writing.

Week 5 and 6
I will start making paragraphs in my writing
Success criteria: I will have 2/3 (or more) paragraphs in my writing.

Learning Area: