2016 Term 3 Talk to Write Non-Fiction (Animals)

  • Posted on: 5 September 2016
  • By: JasonEade

Talk to Write
Purpose is to understand how to use the "talk to write" story telling process to write a non-fiction information report about students chosen animal.

The Steps will include

- Create Key points of writing (the required information) which must be in their writing
- Create a "story-map" to visually plan out the key points - look like, where it lives, family group name, interesting fact/s
- Act out and talk (tell) key information points
- Record the "tell" into our draft writing books

- Extend the story by including details and/or our own innovations

- Publish our information report as a booklet or poster

We will be working in two writing groups to cater for the needs of students:

The "Process of Writing" group will learn and practise:
- Mechanics of writing (using a pencil, letters, words, writing a sentence)
- Oral telling and sequencing of the story (Making a sentence, adding to this, putting the inforamtion in paragraphs in order

Our higher group focus is;
- Extending description
- Writing sequentially with paragraphs
- Receiving and giving constructive feedback
- Editing/proof-reading own work.
- Extending on the minimum

To Do List: 
Share our information with others
Identify key success criteria
Check our information and make sure it is correct
Record the steps with a story map
Write the story using the sequence we identified.
Edit & proof read our inforamtion report
Publish onto a poster or information book.
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