2016 Term 3 Talk to Write

  • Posted on: 25 July 2016
  • By: JasonEade

Talk to Write
Purpose is to understand how a story is sequenced and to remember it and write the story.
We will be using the story of the "The Day Louis Got Eaten" as a model to:
- Build a sequential memory of the story events
- Create Key points of writing which must be in their writing
- Create a "story-map" to visually plan out the key steps
- Create "story-actions" to physically plan out the key steps
- Act out and retell key points
- Re-tell the story using the key points
- Extend the story by including details and/or our own innovations
- Publish our version of the story for an audience

We will be working in two writing groups to cater for the needs of students:

The "Process of Writing" group will learn and practise:
- Mechanics of writing (using a pencil, letters, words, writing a sentence)
- Retelling and sequencing of the story (Making a sentence/story make sense)

Our higher group focus is;
- Using description to add interest
- Writing sequentially to tell the story, (beginning middle and end)
- Receiving and giving constructive feedback
- Editing/proof-reading own work.
- Innovating the story (making it our own)

To Do List: 
Share versions of our story with others
Identify key points as a group
Act out the story using actions to help us remember key points
Record the steps using iPad or other medium
Write the story using the sequence we identified.
Edit Story, (year 3s)
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